10 Items To Keep at the Grandparents' Place

10 Baby Items To Keep at The Grandparent's House

Parenting is hard. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. It really does take a village. For those of you who are fortunate enough to have close relationships with your parents, here are a few items that you may want to consider keeping at their place.

1. A place to put baby down.

Whether you’re storming into your parents’ house in tears because you have no idea how anyone has ever survived raising a child, or you need a trusted opinion on whether your baby really is as cute as you think she is, you’re going to want to put baby down somewhere safe once you get there. If you tend to keep visits with your parents or in-laws quick, a small swing in their living room will do – the Swing n' Go Portable Swing by Ingenuity won’t break the bank, isn’t going to wreck the ambiance of their living room with flashy colours, and keeps baby off the floor and away from pets.

If you’re dropping baby off for full days or nights, or you love spending the afternoon in the comfort of your parent’s place, you (or they) may want to invest in a Pack N’ Play. The Nuna Sena Aire is a great option thanks to the way it transitions with your child. It converts from Bassinet to Playard – what this means is that when baby is mobile, you can keep them high off the ground for an optimal sleep environment and when they are older, you can drop the bassinet option and use it for sleeping or playing!

Little boy in blue striped tshirt standing in Nuna Sena Aire playard

2. Extra pacifiers

If you have a baby that is hooked on their pacifier, you are always going to want to have a couple on hand. If this is the case, we recommend keeping a few stored in the diaper bag at all times – there is nothing worse than a pacifier hitting the ground, baby screaming, and not being able to give it back to them because of germs. If your little one only gets pacifiers in desperate times or when going to sleep, it’s easier to forget to keep spares – this is when we recommend keeping a few at the grandparents’ place.

Bibs pacifiers in array of colours including grey, pink, brown, beige and weight

3. Wipes

Let’s chat diaper wipes. You will quickly learn as a parent that you will never have enough wipes. You’re going to want to keep a stash in your diaper bag for sure, but it will also be helpful to keep a package or two at the grandparents’ place. When your parents had young kids, they likely grabbed a dish cloth to wipe down faces and hands post-meal. As a first-time parent, you might not be ready for the “dish cloth wipe down” quite yet. Having a pack of wipes handy will help deter this (at least for a couple years!)These Aleva Naturals wipes come in 80 packs and stay moist for a long time.

4. A trusted spot for changing baby

Many diaper bags come with a changing pad, so you’re all set if that’s the case! You can just pull it out and change away right there on the couch or bed. If your parents have a white couch or accidents will be a big deal, we recommend something that might be a little more comfortable for babe like the Skip Hop Pronto changing station! The pad is thicker than most and you can feel confident putting baby down on a hard, wipeable surface if this pad is underneath them! Another option is the Nuna Sena Changer, which attaches to the Nuna Sena or Sena Aire playard (mentioned above).

5. An extra onesie

Blowouts… Need we say more? These organic cotton sleepers by L'ovedBaby are super cozy and a staple in every baby's wardrobe. Doesn't hurt to have a backup "basic" on hand at all times!

Baby sleeping in a blush onesie from L'ovedBaby

6. A convertible car seat

Okay, so this is not a necessity BUT hear us out. If you’re considering an extra base for your infant seat for your parents’ car, you might want to weigh the options of purchasing a convertible seat instead. This way, if you find that you don’t use the seat in their car as much as you thought you would, you can transfer it to your vehicle once your baby is ready to transition out of their infant seat. Most convertible seats allow you to use from birth (with an infant insert), and because of the longevity of this product, you may find it to be a more cost-effective option for your family. It also gives grandparents’ the option to use the same seat for multiple grandchildren (with adjustment of straps to ensure proper fit).The Diono Radian3 RXT can be used from birth up to 120 pounds!

7. An audio monitor

A portable monitor is a great idea, regardless of whether you leave it at your parents’ place or take it with you to chalets, cottages, friends’ houses, etc. Although you may have your high-tech monitor at home, it isn’t always the most convenient to pack up and transport. These options won’t break the bank and do the trick!

  • The Beaba MiniCall Monitors are durable audio-only monitors that are water and shock resistant and have an extremely clear digital sound. They also have a HUGE range of 1000 feet (amazing if you’re on the dock at the cottage and babe is up sleeping inside), plus their battery life is 25 hours! Available in Coral or Ocean. 

  • The Toddler Monitor is another great option to keep at a parents’ house. This device hangs on a door and will alert you if there is movement! This is great for mobile little ones that may start exploring areas you (or your parents) prefer they’d stay out of.  A Snuggle Mama uses this on her parents’ back door that leads out to an unfenced pool, so she’s alerted immediately if that door opens!*
Beana MiniCall Monitor in Coral on bookshelf beside elephant stuffie

8. Portable white noise machine

You probably have one in your nursery at home and likely turn it on every time you put baby down to sleep. If you don’t feel like unplugging the entire nursery when you’re heading out visiting, a portable sound machine will make on-the-go naps much more comforting for babe.

The Shhh Baby Shusher by Munchkin is a battery-operated white noise machine that is also equipped with a nightlight, which gives you the ability to make a strange room feel as much like home as possible for your tired babe.

The Portable Sound Soother by Project Nursery is another on-the-go sleep aid for a very reasonable price point. This soother can sit on a shelf and live at grandma/grandpa’s place or you can always attach it to your diaper bag/stroller/backpack and keep it with you!

Project Nursery Sound Soother on wooden table next to a xylophone

9. A stimulating toy or activity

When baby starts to fuss and you’re not quite ready for the visit to be over, it’s a good idea to have something to whip out as entertainment. If you and/or your parents aren’t prepared to invest in an activity gym or activity centre, here are some smaller and less expensive options:

  • Bandana Buddies by Skip Hop – great for active little hands to keep busy with tons of different patterns, textures and sounds. You can also attach this to your stroller handle, diaper bag or backpack and keep it with you at all times!

  • Skip Hop Explore and More Follow- Bee Crawl Toy. This one is great for babies who are just starting to be on the move! The sounds, lights and movement will keep baby entertained for a while (with some luck!

  • Oball toys are also a great, price-sensitive toy for keeping baby entertained when you need it the most. Simple, colourful, chewable and small enough for your parents to keep tucked away when grandbaby isn’t visiting.

10. A place for baby to snack

Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or baby is starting to eat some solids, a comfortable spot for baby to eat is going to make for a happier baby, and in-turn, a happier parent.

If you’re looking for something with some longevity, The UpSeat is a seat to consider. This seat can be used from a few months old and transitions to a booster seat right at the table. (For all the reasons we love this seat, check out this blog post)
If you plan to breast or bottle feed at your parents’ house (or if there are some little cousins, siblings, etc. who are going to want to hold baby), a nursing pillow for support might be a smart idea.

Depending how many babies your parents are anticipating at their house over the next few years, they may not want to spend the money on a nursing pillow. If they do, the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow provides excellent support with a solid foam contour and is built to last. This nursing pillow will last years without losing its shape or comfort, which is exactly what grandparents who are expecting lots of babies are looking for!

Mom nursing baby with Ergobaby natural curve nursing pillow in heather grey.
So, do you plan on spending a ton of time at your parents' place when your little one arrives? Or did you when your child was a baby?

What do you think of our list? Anything you'd cut or add? Let other parents know what worked for you in the comments below.

*Snuggle Bugz does not recommend using the Toddler Monitor as a
primary method for water safety.
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