UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Product Review

UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller in Jordan shown with additional RumbleSeat

The VISTA is getting a facelift

The UPPAbaby VISTA is a full-size expandable stroller that is well known for its versatility, functionality, and multiple configurations. First-time parents love the VISTA because it can easily convert from a single stroller to a tandem double stroller. When the time comes simply purchase a RumbleSeat [sold separately] to easily accommodate your growing family.

This full-size expandable stroller has come a long way since it launched back in 2006 and the UPPAbaby brand has been gaining momentum and street cred from parents and celebrities alike ever since. John Legend, Andy Cohen, and Thomas Rhett are just a few celebrity dads who have been seen out and about pushing their littles in an UPPAbaby stroller.

So when UPPAbaby announced that they would be launching the VISTA V2 and CRUZ V2 this spring, we knew that we had to give our Snuggle Bugz fam all of the details. The new design and fun colourways have us wanting to expand our brood mainly so that we have an excuse to hit the playground in a swoon-worthy V2—you too?

We can’t wait to see where the new VISTA will take you, so let's jump right into some of the new and notable V2 features.

V2 Sneak Peek!

x4 new colourways

What's new on the VISTA V2?

Less is more
After 14 years in business, UPPAbaby is redefining its brand and we are here for it! They’ve removed some minor branding on the new V2s which is a small change with a mighty point.
The older you get the more comfortable you feel in your own skin, right? [raise your hand if you agree!]
The result? A sleek stroller that speaks for itself on the playground.

Say goodbye to:
  • UPPAbaby logo on the stroller frame
  • UB branding from the silver seat hub
  • UB embossed branding on the handlebar and bumper bar cover

More Sun Protection
Long gone are the days of the pop-out sunshade found on previous VISTA models. We love that the VISTA V2 Toddler Seat and RumbleSeat have been redesigned with an adjustable canopy with a zip-out fabric extender. It remains UPF 50+ but now has 2 air vent panels to allow for air-flow on those hot days. If Mr. Sun decides to come out to play but you’ve forgotten your little one’s hat at home, you will be thankful that this new canopy offers more sun protection than ever before.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Ventilation Panels and Canopy Design and Features
No-rethread harness

Guys, this new feature is a big deal.
The VISTA five-point harness has been upgraded to a no-rethread harness on all V2 models. When a growth spurt hits simply slide the straps up and down to adjust the shoulder height, et voila!
The previous harness was pretty user-friendly – but most parents would find themselves going to YouTube for a quick refresh on how to make this alteration.

Updated Toddler Seat

We already know that the VISTA can accommodate up to 3 children* but now you can keep your brood cruising comfortably for longer with a taller seat back and deeper footrest. If your little one has always been tracking in a high percentile you will appreciate this minor adjustment found on all VISTA V2s.

*with the addition of a RumbleSeat and Piggyback Board sold separately

Improved all-wheel suspension

The OG VISTA was an easy choice for its all-wheel suspension.
The VISTA V2 now has softer rear-spring suspension so you can go ahead and take on any terrain with a happy camper in tow.

Updated basket

We have personally done an entire grocery shop using the VISTA basket as our only means of transportation—it can hold up to 30 pounds worth of diapers, milk, or even bananas! The basket weight capacity on the V2 remains the same but has improved durability and a new shape making for easier access when moving your belongings in and out.

Front-wheel locks with visual indicators

The VISTA V2 now comes with visual indicators to signify if the wheel is locked or unlocked.
Green: unlock
Clear: locked

NEW V2 Fashions

Now, to the fun part! Which colour will you choose?
The V2 is available in 4 new fashions including a pretty dusty pink and some bold new trends like colour blocking.
We are breaking down all 9 V2 fashions below.

Dad pushing UPPAbaby VISTA V2 stroller in Finn

NEW Materials + Colours

UPPAbaby has come a long way since the days of Maya Yellow, Pascal Grey, and Denny Red.
Not only has the VISTA been refined and redesigned but it’s also been given a gorgeous makeover in the textile department. V2 strollers are available in x4 fresh new colourways [ALICE, FINN, HAZEL, + SIERRA] which means you’ll have to “eenie-meenie-miney-mo" between x9 sophisticated fashions.  

Each colourway boasts luxurious all-grain leather details in one of x3 complimentary colour coordinated hues.

  • chestnut leather
  • saddle leather
  • black leather

The interior of both the V2 Toddler and RumbleSeats are black with the exception of FINN and HAZEL.
These new fashions boast a distinct colour blocking technique that is noticeable on the interior of the seat and on the included Bassinet.
Speaking of the included Bassinet, all VISTA V2 models have an updated quilted Boot Cover and boast a colour coordinated base that matches its corresponding Toddler Seat and Canopy.
Yes, you can still attach your Bassinet to your frame to create a pram for those quick on-the-go adventures with baby [aka during naptime.]
The exception to this is Sierra which has an all-black surround as noted in the image above.

Now, where do we even begin?
To be fair, let's start in alphabetical order.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 shown in Alice, Bryce & Emmett
Dusty pink with silver frame and saddle leather
We’ve been completely *heart eyes* with all things dusty pink for a while. We love that UPPAbaby is following the trends and giving pink the new neutral status that it deserves.

White marl with silver frame and chestnut leather
Some parents are concerned that this gorgeous white marl will get dirty quickly but we couldn’t disagree more! A stroller is meant to be used, so unless you plan on off-roading through the mud every day we think you'll be fine with BRYCE. Plus, all UPPAbaby fabrics are removable and machine washable-- just cold wash in a front loading washer, then lay flat to dry.

Green mélange with silver frame and saddle leather
EMMETT is stunning in person and is now one of two green colours to choose from.
We love the bright and cheery vibe of this gorgeous green mélange.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 shown in Finn, Gregory & Hazel
Deep sea with silver frame and chestnut leather
We love the colour blocking that can be found on FINN's [included] bassinet, and did we mention that the interior of the toddler seat is blue too?

Blue melange with silver frame and saddle leather
This colourway is classic yet comfortable just like your favourite pair of jeans, which is a fitting comparison as the blue mélange kind of looks like denim.

Olive with silver frame and saddle leather
HAZEL is a two-toned stroller that is giving off major camo vibes. You'll love the moody dark green hues and subtle colour blocking on the Toddler Seat and [included] Bassinet.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 shown in Jake, Jordan & Sierra

Charcoal with carbon frame and black leather
The monochromatic Mamas are loving this black-on-black choice for baby.
JAKE is the only UPPAbaby stroller in the V2 lineup that comes with a carbon frame giving it a handsome tone-on-tone look.

Charcoal melange with silver frame and black leather
JORDAN is hands down a best-seller at Snuggle Bugz.
The neutral tones of the charcoal mélange give it a bit of a classic salt and pepper look.

Dune knit with silver frame and black leather
The best way to describe this unique creme and camel colourway?
SIERRA is giving us major Nike flyknit vibes.

More than just a stroller

We know that you know that the VISTA is more than just a stroller, for some parents, it's a comfort blanket.
“Is that an UPPAbaby?” is a classic maternity leave pick-up line and the conversation starter needed to make that new Mom friend on the playground.

So, what do you think of the new VISTA V2?
All x9 fashions will be available for pre-order soon so hold tight.

Happy Browsing!
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