Baby Jogger City Select vs. City Select LUX

Side by side comparison of Baby Jogger City Select & City Select LUX Strollers
Side by side comparison of Baby Jogger City Select & City Select LUX Strollers

Tried & True

The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller has been one of the most popular strollers on the market for years for many reasons, one of which is its ability to adapt and grow with your family. A couple of years ago, Baby Jogger introduced the City Select LUX, which offers a few upgrades over the original City Select
In 2021, Baby Jogger launched the City Select 2 and City Select 2 Eco collection - read more about these new strollers here

We often get asked the difference between the two strollers, so we're breaking it down for you!

One of the most noticeable differences between the Baby Jogger City Select and Baby Jogger City Select LUX has always been the softer, higher-quality fabrics on the LUX. However, in early 2019, Baby Jogger stepped up their game and they have now introduced the same high-end fabric on the City Select.

So, now what differentiates the two strollers? Let’s dive in!


City Select LUX

The City Select LUX is available in 4 colourways:
Slate | Granite | Taupe | Port
Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller in Slate, Granite, Taupe and Port colourways

City Select

The City Select has just been released in 5 new colourways:
Lagoon | Slate | Jet | Moonlight | Paloma
Baby Jogger City Select Stroller shown in Lagoon, Slate, Jet, Moonlight and Paloma colourways


The City Select LUX folds 30% smaller than the City Select. This is because the seats on the City Select LUX fold in on themselves, whereas the seats on the City Select don’t have the option of folding.


The City Select LUX offers 20 seating configurations, and the City Select offers 16. The additional 4 seating configurations are made possible by the addition of a bench seat which accommodates children up to 65 pounds!
Baby Jogger City Select and City Select LUX Strollers folding configurations


Both strollers use a handbrake, however the brake on the City Select LUX functions as a bicycle brake does, allowing you to squeeze slightly to decelerate or put the stroller in complete park. The City Select does not offer the ability to decelerate.


The City Select LUX comes equipped with 4 foam-filled wheels and all-wheel suspension, whereas the City Select offers only front-wheel suspension and plastic front wheels. You’ll notice the biggest difference when strolling on uneven terrain or grass.


When Baby Jogger released the City Select LUX, they also released 3 new accessories: the bench seat, which accommodates children up to 65 pounds, a new cupholder with elastic that attaches to the side of the stroller as opposed to the handlebar, and a shopping tote that provides additional storage on the stroller and can support up to 10 pounds. 

So, which accessories work with which stroller?

Interchangeable with City Select & City Select LUX:

City Select Only:

City Select LUX Only:

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As always, let us know if you have any questions! Both the City Select and the City Select LUX are available to test out at your nearest Snuggle Bugz location. 

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