Noah's Shape Sorter Ark

by TenderLeaf

Noah's Shape Sorter Ark

by TenderLeaf



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A perfect present for any little one! Noah's Ark has removable roof panels and side panels lift up to allow little hands to collect the chunky wooden animals. It's also unique in that its on wheels.

Whats In The Box: 
  • Set includes Mr & Mrs Noah, 2 Elephants, 2, crocodiles, 2, Penguins, 2 Lions, 2 Bears, 2 Butterflies, 2 Tortoises, 2 Zebras, 2 Giraffes, 2 Geese.


  • Age range: 18 months +
  • Product size: 10.83" x 7.68" x 9.84"
  • Weight: 3.19 lbs

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