Dream Sock Extension Pack Fabric Sock

by Owlet

Dream Sock Extension Pack Fabric Sock

by Owlet



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Owlet's Dream Sock Extension Pack allows you to continue tracking your child’s sleep trends up to 5 years of age. The included toddler-sized fabric sock works with your existing Dream Sock Sensor, and the award-winning technology continues to provide accurate sleep quality indicators as your child grows, between 30lbs to 55lbs.


  • Continue to monitor your child’s sleep through every milestone—from teething to tooth fairy.
  • Love your Dream Sock for longer, 18 months-5 years
  • Continue tracking sleep trends as your child grows
  • Soft fabric sock wraps comfortably around the foot
  • Optimized technology for up to 42 months of readings
  • Durable design helps keep Dream Sock in place


  • The digital sleep coach from Owlet is available for babies age four to 12 months
  • Track your child's sleep schedule until age five or 55lbs

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash your sock every two weeks to avoid skin irritation
  • Spot clean the sensor
  • Separate the senor from the sock while cleaning

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