Car Seat Cocoon - Stella

by 7 A.M Enfant

Car Seat Cocoon - Stella

by 7 A.M Enfant




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The micro-fleece lined car-seat cocoon simply slips over the car-seat with a snug elasticized contour to keep baby warm while travelling. Made to fit all infant car-seats, the COCOON will protect against harsh weather and rules out the need for heavy jackets when travelling and on-the-go. It’s soft lining keeps baby warm, secure and snug while travelling in the car-seat. Designed to suit all your needs by creating an intimate and cocoon like environment for baby. Featuring an elasticized base for easy yet secure protection, the Cocoon will be a staple piece every winter.

  • Fits all models seamlessly, slipping on and off in seconds and fitting snugly thanks to a simply designed elastic base. 
  • Wind / rain resistant for protection from the elements 
  • Ultra-lightweight and comfortable for your little one. 
  • A great alternative to layering your baby while in their car seats - which is not recommended.
  • The Cocoon has an ultra-soft insulation, micro-fleece, cloud lining or plush lining and best of all, it's totally machine washable and dryable. 
  • Contoured fit removes any material between baby and the car seat 
  • Elastic base makes for easy installation and removal 
  • Central zipper allows for quick & easy access to baby 
  • Horizontal shoulder zippers for uncovering baby’s head 
  • Lightweight, windproof & water-repellent outer shell 
  • Ultra-soft premium insulation and anti-pilling micro-fleece or plush lining 
  • Machine washable 

  • Temperature Rating: -4°F/-20°C 
  • Dimensions: W: 20”, D: 2”, H: 37” 

  • Always machine wash cold. 
  • Tumble dry with low heat setting. 
  • Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. 
  • Be sure the garment is thoroughly dried and turned inside out during the drying process if necessary. 
  • You can also find washing instructions on all care labels located on the product. 

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