Yoomi the self-warming bottle

Yoomi - The Self-Warming Bottle full of breastmilk on top of a stack of books, beside a vase of pink carnations.

The Yoomi self-warming bottle is here!

What the? A self warming bottle?

No plugs. No Batteries.

The Yoomi bottle has been described as revolutionary.
Since a picture is worth a thousand words—we thought we would SHOW you how it works rather than tell you.

...but for now, here are the Coles notes:

• The Yoomi feeding system is designed to protect the essential nutrients in every drop of milk
• The Yoomi can warm your breastmilk or formula in just 60 seconds
• Just press the little orange button and the smart technology in the warmer will warm the milk, straight from the fridge
• Milk is gently heated as it flows through the specially designed channels on the outside of the warmer
• The smart warmer will stay warm for up to one hour

Cool, right?

Yoomi - The Self-Warming Bottle package on countertop.
Yoomi self-warming milk bottle on countertop with milk in it
Hand holding Yoomi self warming baby bottle
Yoomi self-warming bottle taken apart drying on Boon Lawn drying rack
One of the biggest questions around Yoomi is around how to reset the reusable warmer-- and there are 3 convenient options to choose from.

Steam Sterilizer
Place in Steam Sterilizer for 30 minutes.
Good news? This can be done at the same time as your bottles.  

Boil in water for 30 minutes 

Place in the Yoomi Microwave Pod
Put in Microwave for 70 seconds
Remove and shake for 30 seconds

Then place back in microwave for 30 seconds
Remove and shake for an additional 10 seconds
Let cool for 75 minutes at room temperature or 20 minutes in cold water!


Have you tried the Yoomi self-warming bottle yet?

If so, we want to hear about how much you love it in the comments below!
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