Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump Product Review


New Decade. New Pump.

Medela is kicking off the decade with an innovative update to the most popular breast pump in their line-up, the Freestyle.

The New Freestyle Flex is geared towards the on-the-go needs of the modern-millennial-multitasking-mom. If you value technology and crave convenience as you tackle work life, mom life, and a booming social life then the Freestyle Flex might be for you.

So, what has changed?

Stick with us!
We are spilling the tea [or milk in this case] on the new and improved Medela Freestyle Flex double electric pump.

New Look

NEW design
NEW size + weight

When Medela launched the Freestyle back in 2008 it was well-received as the industry's first hands-free, rechargeable, double-electric breast pump. It was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and could easily attach to your waistband using the clip on the back of the pump.

The newly designed Freestyle Flex has an entirely new look and feel but remains mom-focused and user-friendly. One of our favourite features has got to be the improved adjustable wrist lanyard that allows the same freedom to pump on-the-go anywhere, anytime. Now, it could be pregnancy cravings or the fact that all moms get RAVENOUS when pumping but we think the best way to describe the shape of the new unit is to compare it to a chocolate éclair.
Yes, an éclair. The exact measurements are 148 x 66 x 46.5 mm-- just don’t try to snag a bite or you will be disappointed that it doesn’t boast a vanilla pastry crème center.

The Freestyle Flex doesn’t just look different, but it sounds different too. The pump is noticeably quieter and is now packing a ton of new technology. They even managed to reduce the weight to 207 grams which is 100 grams less than the OG Freestyle.

Speaking of technology, let’s dig in.


New Technology

NEW built-in battery
NEW LED touch display
NEW pause function
NEW connectivity
NEW delayed start

It’s been 12 years since the Freestyle first hit the market.

To make an easy comparison for you, 2008 was the same year that the iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Bold launched. Yes, my friends. Think back to the days of ole’ when you were a loyal BBM user and before Instagram even existed.
That comparison should help you to appreciate how much technology has changed and improved.

If the Freestyle was the iPhone 3G than consider the Freestyle Flex the iPhone 11-- full of upgraded features and new technology literally at your fingertips.

Medela has added a ton of innovative features to the Freestyle Flex like a touch screen, USB charging, and 2-hours of battery life per charge so that you never have to slow down. We love that the FF is noticeably quieter [12 dBs to be exact] and boasts a convenient LED touch display. Best part? Only the buttons that are available to operate illuminate when in use. Like the Medela Sonata [2017], the Freestyle Flex can now connect via Bluetooth to the My Medela app to easily track your pumping sessions.

Y'all, #mombrain is a thing—so this feature means no more trying to remember if you last pumped on the left or right side or having to do the embarrassing “squeeze test” in public. You know, to find out which breast is more engorged when it’s time to feed baby?

Well, the app can track all of this for you automatically.

Another thing you'll appreciate on the Freestyle Flex is the delayed start option. When activated, it gives you a little head start of 10 seconds to place those breast shields in place—no more squeezing with one hand and fumbling with the other! This new feature will prove to be very helpful when you are about to embark on a double pumping session or when you don’t have your Medela easy expression bustier handy. You’ll also be able to pause your pumping session to grab your phone that you forgot in the other room, to reheat that cup of coffee, or grab yourself a glass of water from the kitchen, then continue right where you left off.

Same Medela

Like many of Medela’s pumps, the Freestyle Flex includes PersonalFit FLEX breast shields which allow you to get a more authentic fit when pumping.
A better fit = more milk extracted.

If you still have questions, check out our comparison chart below OR check out our Sonata vs. Freestyle Product Review
With so many new and improved features, the Freestyle Flex is a no-brainer addition to your baby registry!

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