Nuna TRIV vs. MIXX Stroller Comparison

The Nuna TRIV has made its debut on the Canadian market and has many expectant parents wondering what the difference is between that and the MIXX. Short answer, the size. The Nuna TRIV is a fraction of the size of the Nuna MIXX but has many of the same wonderful components. We’re breaking it all down below.  

nuna triv vs nuna mixx

TRIV & MIXX both include:

  • Car seat ring adapter for PIPA series infant car seats included with stroller purchase [Note: Nuna strollers cannot be used with any other brand of infant car seat] 
  • The ability to fold with the car seat adapter attached to the stroller [no need to remove and re-attach every time you go out]
  • All weather mesh seat back with a removeable insert [remove for hot days, put it back in for Fall/Winter walks]  
  • A no-rethread harness  
  • A reversible seat
  • An adjustable handlebar
  • Leatherette details on handlebar and belly bar [included in purchases]
  • A magnetic peek-a-boo window on the canopy  
  • An extendable UPF 50+ canopy  
  • An adjustable footrest
  • Puncture-proof foam filled tires
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Can hold children up to 50 lbs
  • A newborn-friendly recline  

Now some of the biggest differences:  

  • TRIV features a 3 position recline, where the MIXX has 5 recline positions to choose from
  • TRIV does not accept a bassinet, whereas the MIXX has the option to purchase a bassinet – sold separately – or snap into “bassinet mode” with the footrest folded up
  • TRIV includes a rain cover, the MIXX requires this be purchased separately
  • TRIV has 7” front wheels and 7.5” rear wheels, MIXX has 7.5” front wheels and 10” rear wheels
  • TRIV folds with one-hand and self stands when folded, MIXX requires 2 hands to fold and cannot self-stand [but it does offer a unique trolley function to pull behind you when folded]
  • TRIV has added spring suspension under the seat to aid in absorbing shock when going over rougher terrain [think cobblestone streets], but the larger tires on the MIXX are more suited for grass, dirt, or gravel roads
  • TRIV seat height is slightly taller [2” higher] than the seat height on the MIXX - 21” and 19” -  accommodating taller children more comfortably  
  • The insert on the TRIV is made of Merino Wool. The insert is a soft cotton jersey on the MIXX
  • TRIV weighs 7.5 lbs less than the MIXX at 19.4 lbs [this weight is without the seat insert, bumper bar or canopy], the MIXX is 27 lbs [without the seat insert or bumper bar]

Overall, the TRIV is best suited for city living, where you’ll be walking on clear sidewalks, through underground systems or taking public transit often. The smaller wheels are not ideal for powering through snow or over bumpy terrain, although the one-handed, self-standing fold and lighter weight are convenience factors that may be worth the trade-off for your family!  

The MIXX can handle a wider array of terrains and has more recline options to suit your child’s preferences AND can be used in “bassinet mode” to create a comforting little nook for your infant. The MIXX is better suited for everyday use if tackling snowy sidewalks or neighbourhood trails.  


  • TRIV: 30.5-34.5"L x 20"W x 42-43.5"H
  • MIXX: 37"L x 23.5"W x 44"H


  • TRIV: 25.3"L x 21"W x 17.5"H
  • MIXX: 34"L x 23.5"W x 18"H

Only you can decide which stroller is right for your family and meets your needs. Both strollers are of exceptional quality and offer a smooth ride for baby and a seamless push for the captain! You'll be happy whichever Nuna stroller you choose! Have more questions? Send us an email or leave us a comment here on our Learning Centre! 

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