2018 UPPAbaby Cruz Winner - Cruz It Forward

2018 Cruz it Forward Banner featuring UPPAbaby Cruz

Hi Friends, we have our Cruz it Forward 2018 Winner! This annual contest is a highlight of the summer for Snuggle Bugz and UPPAbaby and something that we eagerly look forward to each August.

Thank you to all 1,010 of you who submitted an entry, you are truly generous to take the time to enter for your friend, family member or colleague. The stories were emotional to read but heartwarming to know how amazing our community is.  

After reading every meaningful entry, our top 10 submissions were reviewed by a panel of judges including both Snuggle Bugz and UPPAbaby team members. We are extremely touched and humbled to have everyone’s story shared with us.  The community of supportive family members is astounding!

This is why we have selected Meagan as our 2018 Cruz It Forward Winner. Below you will find the story of Meagan who was nominated by her friend Ashley. It is our absolute pleasure to award Meagan with an UPPAbaby Cruz in Gregory. Meagan has kindly agreed to let us share her story with you.

Here’s the entry submitted by her friend Ashley:  
I would like to nominate my dear friend Meagan. She is one of the strongest women I know. (Here’s where you need to grab the tissues).

On April 21st of this year Meagan’s husband passed away after being in a serious car accident. This left her behind with their 2 year old daughter and their 7 month old son. Meagan had to make the hard decision to take her husband off life support, they were high school sweethearts. She stayed so strong and supportive while in the hospital making these decisions about her husbands future she pulled out all the stops to try to save his life. She remained focused she tried to not shed tears in front of the doctors when they would tell her news about how her husband was doing.

With the accident happening in April meant that a lot of celebrations and holidays were not far away. One month later was Mother’s Day that she spent alone, June brought her kids Fathers Day that they spent remembering how much their daddy loved them, July 19th brought Stephens birthday (he would have been 29). Our friend's baby happened to be born on his birthday. August 5th brought what would have been their 2 year wedding anniversary.

This whole time she’s remained strong she’s got her kids to take care of, their animals and their house. She really could use some luck to show her how much we all love her and that she is one hell of a mom. I am so proud of her and my heart still hurts for her all the pain she must of had to deal with while still being brave for her babies. Please pick Meagan as your winner she truly deserves this.

Congratulations on your new stroller, Meagan We know you will love it! We would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry into our Cruz it Forward 2018 contest and to UPPAbaby for helping us to make this possible. We’ll see you in 2019!

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