Yoomi Warmer and Charging Pod

by Yoomi

Yoomi Warmer and Charging Pod

by Yoomi



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The Yoomi Warmer is the at the core of the unique Yoomi Feeding System, a self-warming baby bottle system. Combined with the warmer, Yoomi bottles warm baby's feed to the natural of breastmilk in just 60 seconds. When the bottle is tipped and the baby starts feeding, the feed flows around the outside channels of the warmer gently absorbing heat until it reaches breast milk temperature (32-34 degrees). Designed to be the smartest and most hygienic warmer on the market, Yoomi only warms the feed as baby drinks providing a constant temperature for a soothing and less interrupted feeding experience. Rechargeable up to 150 times. The Yoomi warmer can be recharged by boiling in a pan or electric steriliser. Alternatively, the Yoomi charging pod recharges the warmer in just 2 minutes in the microwave using a 'heat-shake, heat-shake' method.

How to Charge Yoomi Bottle Warmer:

The Yoomi charger can be recharged in 3 ways:
1. In boiling water
2. In a sterilizer
3. In a microwave

Yoomi Warmer Reset Instructions

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