Breathing Pajamas

by Nanit



Nanit Pajamas work exclusively with the Nanit Pro or Plus nursery camera to monitor your baby’s breathing motion in real-time, wire and sensor free. The Nanit camera reads the subtle movements in the fabric’s custom pattern to monitor your baby’s breathing motion and alert you if your baby needs you. Enjoy the snug, flexible fit as they grow bigger by the day. Available in sizes from newborn up to 9 months.


  • Peace of Mind: View their breaths per minute from the Nanit App as you watch them sleep, so you're always assured that they're okay.
  • Real Time Alerts: If Nanit detects that your baby may need your attention, an alert triggers on your camera and any devices you're using to monitor your baby's breathing motion.
  • Sensor Free: Breathing wear was designed with safety and comfort in mind. The fabric is free from any sensors, electronics, batteries or wires. No Recharging: The Nanit camera reads directly from the fabric's pattern, so there's no need to charge or connect your pajamas.


  • Newborn - 6-9 lb | 18-21.5 in
  • 0-3 Months - 9-12.5 lb | 21.5-24 in
  • 3-6 Months - 12.5-17 lb | 24-26.5 in
  • 6-9 Months - 17-21 lb | 26.5-28.5 in

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