Solid Cloth Diapers

by Lil Helper

Solid Cloth Diapers

by Lil Helper

$23.95 – $26.99


Lil Helpers has revisited the product that started it all: their world-famous cloth diapers. They have improved many features that you have come to love. Check out all the greatness that they have baked-right-in to their new poop-catcher formula.


  • Backup for belly sleeper: new belly band to help contain front leaks
  • Fewer stains Built in fit-help: cloth diapers allow for a comfier more custom fit
  • Bomb proof inserts: new and improved inserts that have been nicknamed "The Tank" of all inserts
  • Leaks on lockdown: it is an undisputed fact that cloth diapers are better than disposables at containing and preventing leaks

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