Furniture Tip Over Kit

by Qdos



Quality and higher standards striving for a higher standard of safety Qdos began with a simple question. How "safe" is "safe enough"? the children's home safety market has seen very little innovation for decades. As parents, we got frustrated with products that didn't perform. We knew there was a better way - a higher standard of safety.


  • Patented zero-screw installation - Qdos developed the first of its kind furniture anti-tip kit that can be installed completely without screws.
  • Screws are provided if you prefer to screw into the studs in the wall or your furniture.
  • Award winning design
  • Minimal holes in the wall - Qdos SecureHooks only make a hole the size of a picture hook, minimizing damage to walls
  • Strong construction holds up to 200 lbs. - strong wall brackets and Qdos adhesive furniture plates combine to support up to 200 lbs Straps can be temporarily loosened for cleaning or recovering lost items behind the furniture
  • Wall bracket and cam lock covers provide a finished look
  • Easy to install and remove

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