Top Playards of 2022

child and stuffed animal in Baby Jogger City Suite Playard

New year, new gear!

When preparing for babe's arrival you’ll probably start your research in this order.

  1. Car seat
  2. Stroller
  3. Playard

Long gone are the days of the “playpen” with patterned teddy bears and obnoxious velour patterns. The 4 playards we are highlighting today come in gorgeous fabrics and lux materials because we know some shoppers DO judge a book by it's cover. It is 2022, and that means shopping for a playard should feel like you are buying a nice piece of furniture that suits your home décor style. The good news is there are so many great options available on the market to suit your needs and budget.

So today we will be exploring functions, features, fabrics, and more.

The first item of business? Explaining to your parents that we’ve ditched the term “playpen” because their future grandchild is a baby – not a cute little piggy that went to market.

As we begin comparing these products take note that each of them has varying height and weight limitations in both bassinet mode and in playard mode. This is officially the best place to start your research. Top playards of 2022... Here we go!
Top 2022 Playards
Baby Jogger City Suite with bunny
Baby Jogger City Suite with bunny

Baby Jogger City Suite

  • Dimensions:  25" H x 28"L x 36"W
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs. 
  • Weight limit: 30lbs. [less than 35” tall] 
  • Weight limit bassinet: 18lbs 
  • Fold: compact fold 
  • Changer compatibility: N/A 
  • Included extras: N/A 
  • Price range: $$$ 

Baby Jogger entered the home space last year with the City Suite and the matching City Bistro high chair and we’ve been all “heart eyes” for the pretty grey and black combo ever since. This little piggy (we mean playard) is small but mighty coming in at just 13.5 lbs. It’s the aluminum tubing that keeps the City Suite so lightweight but don’t be fooled as it packs a punch with a list of great features just like the “other guys.”

Bassinet level? Check! You simply unzip the bassinet panels from the top of the playard and can conveniently zip it away when not in use. On this model, playard mode brings the mattress right down to ground level which allows you to use it for longer as there is no max weight limit listed just a maximum HEIGHT.

Baby Jogger City Suite Playard shown in 3 different angles
Bugaboo Stardust with yellow striped blanket
Bugaboo Stardust Playard in grey malange

Bugaboo Stardust

  • Dimensions: 33.4" H x 25.6" L x 5.5" W 
  • Weight: 14.8 lbs. 
  • Weight limit: 33lbs. 
  • Weight limit bassinet: 19.8 lbs. 
  • Fold: 1 second open. 3-second close 
  • Changer compatibility: N/A 
  • Included extras: N/A 
  • Price range: $$$ 

The Stardust by Bugaboo is a space saver and a time saver—it can be easily folded and stored away with no need to remove the mattress! Also, impressive? The “sandwich fold” allows you to store the Stardust under a bed or in a small closet when not in use.

It’s the only playard out there that uses this innovative folding technique, and it makes SO much sense to us. The 1 second open + 3-second close are incredibly easy to use – and the best part? The Stardust's 33lb weight limit makes it the winner in the category of which playard can hold the most!

**Please note: the Bugaboo Stardust should only be used for sleep accommodation in when using the bassinet inlay with the accompanying mattress support board, while also complying with the Stardust's Bassinet weight capacity of 19.8 lbs. In play mode, this product is not approved for unsupervised sleep.
Bugaboo Stardust shown in 3 different angles
Nuna SENA Aire playard in Graphite
Nuna SENA playard in graphite

Nuna SENA Aire

  • Dimensions: 30.7"H x 29.5"L x 41.3"W
  • Weight: 22lbs 
  • Weight limit: 30lbs. [less than 27” tall] 
  • Weight limit bassinet: 15lbs. 
  • Fold: one-handed fold 
  • Changer compatibility: attachment sold separately. 
  • Included extras: organic cotton sheet included. 
  • Price range: $$$$ 

The Nuna SENA Aire is most comparable to the 4Moms Breeze Plus.
The Nuna SENA is most comparable to the 4Moms Breeze GO.

Confused? We get asked questions about both of these models a lot. Essentially, the SENA and the Breeze Go are the "base" models from both brands but for the purpose of this article, we are going to compare their premium models.

The Nuna SENA and the SENA Aire are both 2” smaller and weigh one pound less than the 4Moms Breeze Plus and Breeze Go so if you are looking for a playard that has lots of notable features and has some impressive, included extras then these are the two you will want to look at closely.

Welcome to the mesh party! The SENA Aire boasts 360-degree ventilation on all sides of the playard. You’ll even find ventilation panels IN the mattress [hence the name SENA Aire] which helps to draw heat and humidity away from baby. You will love the ability to fold up the bassinet with the frame and the option to add on a convenient changer attachment [sold separately].  You’ll also appreciate the included organic cotton sheet which is a $50 value. The SENA Aire has a clever zigzag leg design and has been a popular playard choice since it first hit the market!

If you want to dig deeper on it and see some close-up images, we’ve linked the full product review and video HERE!

Nuna Sena Playard shown in 3 angles
4moms Breeze PLUS playard with bunny
4Moms Breeze Plus playard with cute bunny and blanket

4moms Breeze PLUS

  • Dimensions: 29"H  x 43"L x 30"W 
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Weight limit: 30lbs 
  • Weight limit bassinet: up to 18 lbs. 
  • Fold: single motion one-handed setup 
  • Changer compatibility: flip changer included. 
  • Included extras: changer attachment. 
  • Price range: $$$$ 

One push open, one pull close.

The Breeze Plus by 4moms was recently revamped, and we are LOVING the update.

It may be the heaviest [by a single pound] and the largest of the playards we have highlighted today but it also offers a lot of flexibility. If you’re looking for a space that will provide baby with a safe place to PLAY, this is the option that offers the most square footage! The Breeze Plus allows you to consolidate a bunch of your baby needs into one convenient station. Like the others, it is SO easy to set up and tear down which has been a common thread and why all four of these playards made our “must have” list.

Features you’ll love? The flip changer is quite innovative and lets you turn your playard into a changing station BUT it also allows you to utilize space for baby when you need it by simply flipping the changer out of the way to be stored at the side of the playard when not in use. This really IS the ultimate feature in a playard. The Breeze Plus also has a true single motion one-handed set-up which makes your life a whole lot easier.

*When researching please note that the Breeze Go does not include the bassinet or flip-changer attachment. 
4Moms Breeze plus shown in 3 different angles

Comparison Chart 

Why a playard?

In one word? Convenience
In two words? Convenience + safety

So now that you’ve done some research how do you choose the best one for you? Start by thinking about your lifestyle, your home, and ask yourself some important questions about HOW you plan to use this piece of gear.

Do you travel every summer to your cottage?
Will you often bring babe to Grandma’s house during nap time?

If sleeping on the go is important to you then you’ll want to choose one that has been “sleep rated”, which means Health Canada has approved them for overnight sleep. This is important to note as it allows you the convenience of having baby nap on the go. For more on this important topic – check out our article What Playards Are Sleep-Rated! If you'll be moving yours around often then something more lightweight would be a good choice for you. The Bugaboo Stardust is the winner in this department.

Think about your home

Do you have a bunch of stairs to climb to get to your change table in the nursery?
Will you be having a scheduled c-section?

If this is you, you may be more interested in a playard that has a built-in changer attachment to allow for the convenience of a main floor level changing station during those first few weeks and months. The 4Moms Breeze Plus is the winner in this department.

Measure your space

Do you live in a bungalow, condo, or apartment?

If this is you, you’ve got everything on one level, but you may opt for something that is more of a space saver that can discreetly stay in the corner. Alternatively, choosing a playard that is easy for you to tear down in a flash would also be a good choice. The Baby Jogger City Suite or Bugaboo Stardust are our recommendations if this sounds like you!

Think about your lifestyle

Do you have a pet?
Do you have a toddler?

We know that babies do not “need” a lot of things but a playard is a “nice to have” to make your journey into parenthood a lot easier. Once baby begins to crawl, your life is going to change [again] and a playard is also a lifesaver for YOU as a caregiver. It also acts as a safe space for baby to lounge and play on their own away from their fur-baby-brother or older siblings. If it’s going to stay put in a common living space in your house and décor is important to you, the Nuna SENA Aire is the winner here – the design is stunning!  

Functionality is Key

A playard is also a gift to YOU.

Need to skip to the loo? Playard.

Need to prepare yourself some sort of lunch other than fishy crackers and puffs? Playard.
Need to unload the dishwasher, pump a bottle, or just needs a hot second to scroll your phone for some “me” time? Enter. That. Playard.

It’s the piece of gear you did not know you needed—until now.

Happy shopping!

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