Stokke Clikk High Chair Review

smiling child sitting in Stokke Clikk High Chair in kitchen
Life just got more colourful with the Stokke Clikk High Chair! It's time for your little one to begin their first foods journey – so exciting! Your cart is probably full of the cutest little cups, spoons, and bibs – but don’t forget about the star of the show, your high chair!

You’ve probably heard of the Stokke Tripp Trapp [the Clikk’s solid wood older brother that can hold up to a 300 lb adult]. Both chairs have an ergonomic footrest and have so many features we love – you can learn more about the Tripp Trapp HERE but today we are focusing on the versatility and convenience of the Clikk.

We’ve glossed over it before in our Top High Chairs article, and again in our 6 Must-Have Baby Products for Small Space Living, but today we wanted to dig deeper with you on the one and only Clikk and all of its features.

Ready? Let's begin!
Stokke Clikk close-ups


Sometimes, simple is better.

The Clikk is a modern, simplified, convenient, and lightweight high chair that can brighten up your space and be the perfect spot for baby at the table. It weighs just over 8 lbs, and has a convenient removable tray [we will get to that]. The seat, tray, and footrest are made of plastic – but the legs are made of solid beechwood.

Suitable from 6 months to 3 years old or 33 lbs – whichever comes first.

  • Dimensions: 27.2” L x 32.5” H x 22.1” W
  • Weight: 8.3lbs
  • Weight limit: 33 lbs
Since we are already talking numbers the Clikk has 3 configurations, and a 3-year warranty:

  1. Harness on + tray on
  2. Harness on + tray off
  3. No Harness. No Tray. Bring your toddler right up to the table.
It’s perfect for little feet as the ergonomic adjustable footrest has 2 positions. You’ll want the footrest up for littles and down for your growing toddler keeping their legs at [approximately] a 90-degree angle. This kind of ergonomic fit keeps your child comfy at the table, no matter what their age or stage.

Why is ergonomic fit so important? Proper foot placement is helpful for keeping baby focused on eating at the table – no swinging legs to distract them.

P.S. the harness can be removed and is machine washable!

Tool-free assembly

The Clikk is VERY easy to use. 

We love the tool-free assembly [thank goodness] which means it can literally be set-up in a few easy clicks. Click the legs into the seat and voila! It really is that simple.

An easy set-up also means an easy teardown. You can remove the legs for easy transportation, which means you can pack up babe’s high chair for on the go whenever you need it. Bring it with you to the cottage, Grandma’s house, or to your girlfriend’s place for a playdate – because the baby's gotta eat! 

Of course, we have other portable chair options for baby, but the Stokke Clikk Travel Bag costs less than 50 bucks – making it a no-brainer accessory add-on. The travel bag is also an easy way to store the high chair when your child outgrows it – keeping it safe and secure in storage should you choose to expand your family in the future!
Stokke Clikk Assembly


The tray on the Clikk is dishwasher safe and can easily be removed to get your little one in and out of the chair. There are little grey clips on the underside of the tray that allow you to slide it on and off.*

Now, we love when brands come out with thoughtful accessories – and Stokke has partnered with EZPZ to create a custom all-in-one Clikk Tray Placemat and bowl that stays put on the Clikk tray. Now, you may not know this, but babes love to play a game called throw-all-of-the-food-you-are-given-including-the-bowl which makes this a must-have add-on if you choose the Clikk.

*NOTE: there is only one tray configuration.
Stokke Clikk tray and cushion


The Clikk has a variety of accessories that you can add to the chair, and we’ve already spilled the tea on the travel bag and the EZPZ placemat, but there is one more accessory that can take your Clikk high chair to the next level when it comes to comfort. The machine-washable cushion adds extra side and back support – and it looks cute too.

We love the idea of using the cushion to get babe used to being in the chair – it also adds some stability for them in the chair and will most likely keep them comfortable for longer. Hurray for uninterrupted meals!

Just like the chair, the cushion is easy to use – simply Velcro it on and off, then throw it in the washing machine for a deep clean when needed, aka spaghetti night.

Love at first "clikk"

So, what do you think? Is it love at first Clikk?

We think the price point is great for getting your little one started in an ergonomic chair. Other great news? The Clikk has also received the “Red Dot Award” that highlights “good design and innovation” – and we couldn’t agree more!

The only Q left to ask is which colour you will go with White, Cloud Grey, Sunny Coral or Clover Green?

Happy Shopping!

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