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Gang's all here! You may already be familiar with the Nuna Pipa, Nuna Pipa Lite, and the Nuna Pipa Lite LX [if you haven't, you can read about them HERE] but now it’s time to introduce you to their older sibling—the Nuna RAVA convertible car seat!

The RAVA has been the talk of the town since its release here in Canada in early 2019 – so today we want to give you the lowdown on this second stage car seat.

The RAVA is available in two neutral but gorgeous colour waves, granite and caviar.
Parents looking for a modern car seat to match the interior of their vehicle are often drawn to this seat—but there is more to the RAVA than just its exterior. 

What makes the Nuna RAVA so great?

Well, a few things stand out.

At Snuggle Bugz we recommend keeping your child rear facing as long as possible, and the RAVA allows you to rear face up to 40 pounds!
As a result of this weight limit, they have also designed the seat to allow up to 2 inches more leg room when rear facing - this same design also provides more leg support for forward facing riders. 
They refer to this feature as "laid back leg room".

Nuna Rava Convertible Carseat shown Caviar fabric

Easy Installation

Something else that differentiates the Nuna RAVA from many other convertible seats, is the recommended Vehicle Seat Belt installation, as opposed to lower anchors. Nuna believes that this eliminates the confusion of when to switch from Lower Anchors to Vehicle Seat Belt, plus allows the seat to fit more vehicle makes and more seating positions. (Trust us – it’s also SUPER easy to navigate the vehicle seat belt path due to coloured belt path indicators!)

This seat is “muscle-free” and “bubble-free” – what this means is that there is a "true tension door" to hold the seatbelt in proper position while you get the proper install. The recline angle guide clearly confirms the perfect riding angle [just 1 for rear-facing], without the frustration of trying to balance a bubble between two lines (bubble-free). This seat is specifically designed to avoid any potential install confusion and reassure parents that their child’s seat is correctly and safely installed every time.

If you need to move the seat into another vehicle or even Grandmas car, the installation should be relatively quick.
Nuna Rava Car Seat with Seatbelt Threaded Through

Safe & Durable Design

Speaking of reassuring parents…
You can rest easy when your child is buckled into The RAVA.
This seat uses energy absorbing foam and side impact protection pods. The frame is made of complete steel and has a reinforced belt path. That means that this seat is heavy duty.

Not only will your child be safe, but they’ll also be comfortable.
The RAVA is equipped with ventilation panels within the shell and a breathable knit fabric – so your little one is cool and comfy on even the longest trips.
(Bonus! The fabric is removable and machine washable!)
Happy Baby Smiling While SItting in Nuna Rava Car Seat Installed in Car

Some additional bonuses:

  • Nuna uses a “no re-thread”  5-point harness, and has an easy to maneuver, one-handed, ten position headrest. It also has a 2-position crotch strap to grow with your child
  • Infant head and body inserts come with the seat and are removable to grow with baby.
  • The seat has flip open cup holders on either side, so no matter where in your vehicle or what position your child is seated in, they have access to their beloved sippy cup. 
  • The seat  has buckle tongue holders on both sides of the car seat. Simply put, they are the convenient little doo-hickeys that can house the seat belt buckles while you get your child seated.

Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat - crotch strap feature

The seat is aircraft certified to travel everywhere and beyond. We know the appearance of car seats doesn’t matter to many, but if you’re looking for safety and beauty – this seat will not disappoint.

Seat Specifications:

  • Rear-Facing- 5 to 40 lbs | Up to 49 inches
  • Forward Facing- 25 to 65 lbs | Up to 49 inches
  • Seat size: h 27” x w 19” x l 27.25”
  • Seat weight: 27.8 lbs

Head into any of our 9 Snuggle Bugz retail locations to dry fit the Nuna Rava in your vehicle before you buy! If you're feeling confident, shipping is free when you order online!

Please note that all car seats are final sale due to the nature of the product. We do this so no one ever receives a car seat with an unknown history :)

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