Nuna MIXX Next Stroller Review

Is the Nuna MIXX Next on your short list of stroller contenders?

Well, it should be! The MIXX stroller that we’ve all grown to know, and love has been revamped as the Nuna MIXX Next stroller and now has some amazing new features that continue to give the Nuna brand a spot on the map and on parents' shopping lists as they prepare for baby.

In this article, we are going to highlight all of the things we love about this premium single stroller and how it can keep up with your new journey into parenthood.


  • Weight limit: 50 lbs
  • Stroller weight: 28.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 23.6"w x 32.7"d x 45.3"h
  • Folded Dimension: 23.6"w x 19"d x 27.5"h

Travel system compatible

If you are a Nuna fan, we know you’ve already been eyeing the Nuna PIPA car seat – and the good news is that the ring adapter required to connect the PIPA infant car seat line-up is included with your purchase, so you can easily connect and go straight from the car.

If you are still deciding which Nuna PIPA car seat is right for you—we've compared all of them in this article.
Adventure Ready
MIXX Next Stroller


From $937.00 $937.00 – $974.00

$1,249.99 – $1,299.99

PIPA Infant Car Seat
25% Off


From $434.00 $434.00 – $559.99

$559.99 – $619.99

PIPA Lite Infant Car Seat
25% Off


From $359.00 $359.00 – $494.00


PIPA Lite LX Infant Car Seat - Caviar
25% Off

Versatile all-season seat

The toddler seat on the Nuna MIXX Next has a near flat recline that Nuna refers to as a true-flat sleeper recline. We love that the seat can be used as a bassinet in the early days to make a cocoon for babe in just a few easy snaps.

You’ll also love that the seat can grow with your family as it is reversible. Keep your little one facing you when they are younger—then remove the seat and flip it around to allow them to face the world when out on walks and running errands.

One of the coolest features? The all-season seat. You can remove the bamboo blend fabric insert to reveal a breathable mesh back for those warm summer beach days or a trip to the splash pad.
Nuna MIXX Next Stroller outside with baby

Magic magnetic buckle

Toddlers love to squirm, so trust us – a 5-point harness is important.

The Nuna MIXX Next can convert from a 5-point harness to 3-point belt buckle as your little one matures. Pair that convenience with the no re-thread harness and you’ve got an easy-to-use system and the ability to move the harness up and down depending on your child's age. The magnetic self-guiding buckle feature is a winner and helps the caregiver to easily buckle your little one inside without having to fiddle too much.

Wheels + suspension

Talk about an upgrade! The Nuna MIXX Next boasts foam-filled rubber front wheels [these were previously plastic on the models that came before it] that are 7.9". The rear wheels are 11.4" with Free Flex suspension™.

What does this mean? The ability to stroll with ease no matter the terrain!

Premium features

Sometimes it’s the little details that make your stroller really work for you, and we are impressed with the new fold on the MIXX Next. The team has redesigned the axel to allow for a smaller fold without compromising any of the existing features.

Other convenient features? The Nuna MIXX Next has a cell phone pocket on the seatback, leatherette details that make the stroller look like a million bucks, and a trolly function to tow the whole thing behind you when required.

MIXX vs. MIXX Next

Okay, so which stroller do you buy?

Well, here are a list of upgrades found on the Nuna MIXX Next that you won’t find on the previous Nuna MIXX model:

  • Improved suspension
  • Upgraded rubber front wheels
  • Magnetic buckle
  • Improved compact fold
For our full, in-depth review of the Nuna Mixx, check out this article.

Happy Travels

So, what do you think? Is the Nuna MIXX Next the right fit for your family?

We always want to help you feel confident which is why we've created many product reviews on our Learning Centre, and below in the Related Content, and invite you to visit any of our Snuggle Bugz locations for a test drive of your faves!

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