Nuna CUDL Baby Carrier Product Review

9 month old in Nuna CUDL carrier

Introducing the Nuna CUDL

You know and love Nuna for their lightweight, safe, and innovative car seats – but today we want to switch gears and introduce you to their first-ever carrier, the Nuna CUDL.

Fussy babe? Hold them close it’s time to CUDL
Want to keep up your traditions of hiking outdoors on weekends? Time to CUDL.
Need a second to scroll your phone? Time to CUDL

As a new parent you’ve learned about the benefits of having skin-to-skin contact with your baby. Many continue with that routine closeness through babywearing for many months after your little one has joined your family earth side. Why? It has been known to release a hormone that lowers stress to post-partum mamas on their healing journey while stabilizing babes breathing and heart rate. We’ve always loved the concept of baby wearing [our Co-Founder was known to wear her firstborn while working the retail floor] not just for convenience but for the connection it brings as well!

Nuna CUDL included cotton bibs

Recommended use: Newborn to 3 years, or 7.7 - 35 lbs.
Seat width and body panel: W 6-13" x L 13-17"
Waistband: 23.7- 57"
Product weight: 2.7 lbs.

Modern + Minimal

The CUDL is not your typical carrier—and does not require you to “do the jiggle” to get your little one in. You know, when you do the “dance” to make sure they are in the right spot? The Nuna CUDL is practical and so easy to use that even Grandma will be able to figure it out! Simply pop the carrier over your head just like your favourite hoody on Saturday morning then fasten the Velcro waistband, and unlock the x4 convenient magnetic buckles to reveal a cozy [and cool] spot for baby. The entire carrier is made of organic cotton and soft padded mesh for breathability to keep those sweaty babes cool.

Mom putting on Nuna CUDL carrier

Stages of Use

You can use your CUDL with your itty-bitty-newborn and can maximize use until they turn 3 years old. Let's dig in on the stages of use below. There are four carry positions to choose from and each offer optimal support as your child grows.

Stage 1: birth to 4 months
facing in (with infant booster) from 8-15 lbs. 

Take full advantage of the built-in infant booster seat that almost gives babe a little platform to keeping their head up high and close enough to mom or dad to kiss [the standard test] to ensure they are positioned correctly when facing in. You'll also want to use the built-in head support until baby has full control – then you can flip that down and button it to stay flat.

Stage 2: 4+ months
facing in from 15-30 lbs. 

The infant booster seat unzips from the inside leaving no opportunity to lose an important piece which we love. Once your little one reaches 15lbs. You'll want to unzip to reveal a little more room. BLINK and then they will be ready to use a completely different position—like facing the world and ditching the built-in head support feature! 
Nuna CUDL infant booster

Stage 3: 6+ months
facing out from 20-30 lbs.

Hello, world! Your little one will love facing the world and getting to take in all that there is to see like dogs running around at the park, big trees on the trail, or grabbing at that bright coloured shirt they spotted during your recent retail therapy. Just be sure babe doesn’t get overstimulated in this position-- you'll want to ease them into all the NEW sights and sounds. By this stage, your little one may be teething, so this is the perfect time to enlist the help of the included harness covers to keep your carrier looking new [more on those below!]

Stage 4: 9+ months
back carry from 25-35 lbs.

Your little wee one is growing up! The back carry is super convenient for those long walks and allows for a different kind of support for your child. A 35lb. weight limit means you can carry even the biggest toddler when required— who doesn’t love a good hike and a workout! This is when you will be especially thankful for the comfortable padded shoulder straps and waist straps.

Nuna CUDL details and storage


Okay, let's talk about value.

x4 carry positions
x4 magnetic locking buckles
x2 certified organic cotton bibs
x2 certified organic harness covers
x1 zippered side pocket
included integrated infant booster
included “dream drape” hood
+ a 2-year warranty

We love that Nuna fully decked this carrier out with all the extras because it’s the little things that make your parenting journey that much easier.

Babies drool and that is just a fact. Once your little one starts teething, they are going to want to munch away at the straps of your carrier [facing in] and will drool all over the outside [facing out.] We love that the CUDL comes with x2 cotton bibs and x2 harness covers that can easily Velcro on and off to protect your carrier from those sharp little teeth while also keeping that little mouth away from germs. 
Nuna CUDLE details
Accessories like these are usually sold separately so BRAVO to Nuna for their innovation allowing the user to easily Velcro both the bib and harness covers on and off without an additional purchase required. Having a second set means you can remove them for a quick wash when required.

Finally, we love the zip-out hood—but we like to call it a “dream drape” as it reminds us of the pop-out protector found on the Nuna Pipa and Nuna Pipa Lite LX. The hood can be tucked in and zipped away when not in use—just like the excess strap slack that can be rolled away and secured.

With a 2-year warranty, the Nuna CUDL was clearly built to last! Perhaps we should thank the cast from the movie “The Hangover” for their nod to the babywearing Dad! #makingbabywearingcoolagain Happy Shopping!

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