Cybex Gazelle S Product Review

toddler looking out from the canopy of a navy blue Cybex Gazelle S stroller

How does the Gazelle S stack up?

has taken the features from your top stroller picks and has combined them all into one amazing full-featured luxury stroller with the Gazelle S. 

It has an easy-to-use forward fold and a convenient carry handle like the Nuna MIXX.
An included removable basket like the Bugaboo Donkey3. 
The ability to transform into a double tandem stroller with a BIG basket like the UPPAbaby VISTA V2.
Face to Face rider positions when in double mode like the Baby Jogger Select LUX.
And a seat that can move up and down on the frame for convenience like the Stokke Xplory.

...and the laundry list of features goes on.

You ready? Let’s dig in on the Cybex Gazelle S 3-in-1 stroller system.

Removable shopping basket

So, what sets this stroller apart?
Visually, the first thing you’ll notice is the removable shopping basket. The Gazelle S offers an interesting frame and basket combo which is giving off major Bugaboo Donkey vibes. The included removable shopping basket can hold 25lbs [that’s 3lbs more than the side luggage basket on the Donkey3] and can be positioned up top for easy access for the parent. It has a zipper compartment on the inside which is ideal for your phone, sunnies, or some cash or your credit card. FYI, this storage is on top of the 30lb under basket storage capacity allowing you to transport up to 55lbs of cargo at any time. Hell-o grocery haul.
Cybex Gazelle S shopping basket filled with toys and a blanket

Innovative Adapters

Is it possible to use all of the seat and basket configurations with ease? The answer is an overwhelming YES!
The included upper adapters can move into 3 various positions and are marked on the stroller frame with an easy-to-read dot system.

The adapters easily slide UP and DOWN the stroller frame allowing you to accommodate lots of different combinations or a second rider [we will get to the second seat shortly.] We love this innovative adapter system for many reasons starting with the fact that there is no chance of losing them since they are a permanent fixture on the stroller frame. They also offer flexibility as you get to choose where exactly you want the seat to be on the frame. Have you ever been to a busy café with no highchairs available? It’s the worst. The Gazelle S allows you to move the seat up or down to suit your needs allowing for you to bring the seat to table height if necessary.

Coolest part? The lower adapter mechanism can be flipped out to accommodate a second seat when the time comes. 

The stroller seat

  • 3 recline positions
  • reversible seat
  • swivel belly bar
  • no re-thread harnesses

The Cybex Gazelle S allows for 3 different recline positions including a near flat recline. The lie-flat recline is ideal for smaller babies which means you can use this seat from birth. It also has a reversible seat which means your little one can face you or the world. 
*you can purchase a compatible carrycot sold separately

The Gazelle S has an extendable canopy that zips out for an added layer of protection and reveals a mesh peekaboo window for visibility on a napping baby and extra ventilation. These days the no re-thread harness and adjustable footwell are considered “standard features” for parents shopping for a premium stroller and the Gazelle S does not disappoint. 

This Gazelle S is a single-to-double stroller and the first double stroller option from Cybex. The second seat is sold separately and does not require additional adapters—both seats can hold an equal weight of 50lbs!

toddler riding in the Cybex Gazelle S stroller and holding on to the leatherette bumper bar

The Frame + the fold

If you are going to be pushing around this stroller with two full baskets and possibly two children, you'll need to ensure the stroller can keep up and offer a smooth ride. The Gazelle S offers large wheels and all-wheel suspension including added suspension in the stroller frame itself. 

The fold is easy to do once you’ve gotten the hang of it – here is a step-by-step guide.

  1.  pull up on the lever located on the back of the stroller seat to fold it into the frame.
  2.  press both white buttons found on the handlebar.
  3.  grab the lever on the side of the handlebar while also sliding the frame forward in one motion.

The Gazelle S free stands for easy storage and has a carry handle for easy lifting into your vehicle.

Cybex Gazelle S details leatherette handlebar cup holder and wheels

Features on Features

  • leatherette details
  • included cup holder
  • included rain cover
  • included car seat adapters
We spoke about using the stroller seat from birth but it’s important to note that the Cybex Gazelle S does offer car seat compatibility with included car seat adapters. They can be used to accommodate the following infant car seats: Maxi-Cosi® Mico 30 and Nuna PIPA™ and let's not forget the obvious the Cybex Aton 2.

Cupholder? Check!
Rain Cover? Check!
Leatherette details? Check!

*additional adapters for other car seat brands sold separately.

So, what do you think?

There are endless opportunities with the Cybex Gazelle S, could it be the right stroller for your family?
If you are just starting your search you may want to read our product comparison between the UPPAbaby VISTA V2 and the Baby Jogger City Select LUX next. 

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