Bugaboo Stardust Play Yard Product Review

You know and love Bugaboo for their colourful canopy options found on their high-quality strollers, like the side-by-side Donkey5, but now it's time to say “hello” to the Stardust play yard! The Stardust is Bugaboo's first home product – it is versatile, compact, and gorgeous – things you can always expect from Bugaboo. 

The Stardust combines aerospace technology and smart design to offer parents an all-in-one, ultra-comfortable play yard for use at home or on the go. From the cozy mattress to high-quality fabrics [warning: you will go “heart eyes” for the premium black-on-black look] and all the features in-between – today we are breaking down the Bugaboo Stardust.

Set-up as easy as 1- 2-3 

Let’s start with the obvious.

If something takes too much work or too much time to set up – you won't use it. It’s hard to choose a favourite feature but the quick and convenient set-up on the Stardust might just be “it” for us!

Why? It unfolds in 1 second, then folds back together in 3! Yes, you read that correctly – 1 second open, 3 second close.

Set-up instructions:

First, remove the play yard from the included travel bag [more on that later], then follow these easy steps.

1. Unlock the snaps that hold the play yard together in “lock” mode
2. Pop the play yard open
3. Add the mattress

Voila! Time to play.
Bugaboo Stardust set-up

Bedtime & Playtime 

Looking for an overnight sleep solution to use at Nana’s, Nonna’s, or Abuela’s or just a safe space to put baby while you run off to pee? [#momlife, welcome to it!]

The Stardust is your 2-in-1 solution for bedtime (in bassinet mode) and playtime. It looks just like a mini crib and has breathable mesh sides. The mattress is adjustable to two heights – “play” mode and “bassinet” mode. The higher of the two is considered bassinet mode and is "sleep safe" for your newborn. You can use the upper layer until 19.8 lbs. [or when baby can pull up onto hands and knees] then just zip it away and move into play yard mode – max weight is 33 lbs.

**Please note: the Bugaboo Stardust should only be used for sleep accommodation in Bassinet mode, while also complying with the Stardust's Bassinet weight capacity of 19.8 lbs. In play mode, this product is not approved for unsupervised sleep.

Comfortable & Compact

When we first got our hands on this play yard, our entire team couldn’t help but “ohh!” and “ahh!” at the cozy factor of the mattress. That comfort is thanks to the built-in multi-layered mattress which means you don’t have to sacrifice comfort with this sleep solution.

Okay, let's talk numbers:

  • The Stardust weighs just 14.8 lbs
  • Folded size: 65L x 14W x 85H cm
  • In-use size: 64L x 98W x 85H cm
  • Mattress: 91L x 51W x 3.5H cm

It comes with a protective travel bag with a Velcro close that allows you to store the play yard flat like a sandwich under a bed or in a closet when not in use.

If you haven't yet caught on—the theme here is EASY. It’s easy to use, it's easy to transport, and the black-on-black colourway makes it easy on the eyes. Yes, this means you can keep a neutral aesthetic in your home—most millennial moms will agree that fashion and function do matter.

Ready to Play?

So, what do you think? 

We love the features found in the Stardust but there are many other options to choose from to suit your needs. Go ahead and check out some other popular play yard product reviews below.

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