Bugaboo Fox 2 vs. Fox 3 Stroller Comparison

Header image showing Bugaboo Fox 3 in Black
Header image showing Bugaboo Fox 3 in Black

New In Town

There’s a new Fox roaming the streets and she is SLEEK. But seriously, there’s a brand new Bugaboo stroller and you’re probably wondering WHAT are the fancy upgrades between the Fox 2 & Fox 3?

Should you purchase the 2 [while it’s on sale?!] or wait for October when the brand new Fox 3 will be arriving?

Well, let’s work out together whether it’s worth the wait!

Shared Features on the Fox 2 & 3

  • Power over any terrain with all-wheel suspension and 8.5” front wheels/12” rear wheels 
  • Large storage baskets to tote the essentials 
  • A wide range of handlebar heights ranging from 34.6” to 42.5” [FYI short & tall parents – this is one of the most accommodating handlebar heights you’ll find!] 
  • Have wide reclining and reversible seats – no 2-year-old will be squished in these strollers! 
  • Accommodate children weighing up to 50 lbs 
  • Weigh just under 28 lbs with the canopy, fabrics and basket attached – although you’ll find 21.8 lbs around the internet, that isn’t the weight you’ll be lifting in and out of your trunk! 
  • Extremely large canopies with a mesh panel for advanced breathability 
  • Fingertip push capabilities – basically, power steering! 
  • Compatible with popular infant car seats to create the perfect travel system [adapters sold separately – but we recommend the Clek Liing to create a stunning combo]
Family Line-up
Fox 2 Complete Stroller


$1,279.20 – $1,319.20

$1,599.00 – $1,649.00


$1,558.99 – $1,788.99

Bee6 Complete Stroller


$832.15 – $917.15

$978.99 – $1,178.99

Lynx Complete Stroller


$809.24 – $884.24

$1,078.99 – $1,178.99

Differences Between the Fox 2 & 3

Features available only on the Fox 3:

  • An additional panel of mesh ventilation built into the pram body [summer babies – this is for you!]. The Fox 2 has a solid fabric surrounding baby when used in pram mode
  • Available in new colourways with upgraded seat fabrics for the softest, most breathable seating for baby
  • Comes with the option of a stunning new graphite frame colour with select fabric options
  • New Bugaboo branding on the wrist strap 
  • Upgraded shoulder pads

So, what’s the verdict?

Basically, if you’ve got your heart set on one of the new colours then we recommend waiting. If you’re having a winter baby and that mesh window on the pram won’t get as much use, then save now on the Fox 2! Both have such smooth pushes, the same compact fold, the same weight/height limits, the same coverage from the sun or outdoor elements and the same FOXY look you know and love.

Accessories Compatible with the Fox 2 & 3:

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