Bugaboo Donkey3 Stroller Review

Bugaboo Donkey3 in red Product Review

A Stroller that grows with your family

The Bugaboo Donkey3 is a high-end stroller that will serve your [growing] family for many years, many stages, and many adventures to come! It is a single stroller, referred to in our product listings as “mono”, that can convert into a double stroller. You will love all of the smart storage options like the side luggage basket that keeps all your goodies close by. Simply unclick and remove that basket and replace it with a “Duo Extension Set” to convert the Donkey3 into a side-by-side double stroller that can easily accommodate twin families or a toddler/newborn combo when the time is right.

Are you currently intrigued or confused?
We thought you might have a few questions so today we are breaking down everything you need to know about this beauty of a stroller starting with some key definitions and descriptions. After that, we will dig into how the Donkey3 grows from a single stroller to a double stroller with multiple configurations involving stroller seats, bassinets, and even infant car seats.

Bugaboo Basics 

Chassis: referred to as the stroller frame 
Mono: referred to when using the stroller to carry one child 
Duo: referred to when using the stroller to carry two children that are different ages 
Twin: referred to when using the stroller to carry two children that are the same age
Side luggage basket: can be attached to this stroller in mono mode for extra storage 
Duo extension set: sold separately and is used to convert the Donkey3 into a double stroller 
White tabs:  a white tab or button on a Bugaboo stroller means that you can make an adjustment—so always keep an eye out for white.

Feeling ready to dive in?
Let’s talk numbers.

• Stroller weight [chassis]: 27.5 pounds
• Weight limit: 50 pounds per seat
• Underseat storage weight limit: 22 pounds
• Side luggage basket weight limit: 22 pounds

Features We Love

There is a reason the Donkey3 is considered a premium stroller as it is brimming with lots of extras like a height-adjustable handlebar, a premium canopy, plus an included pram and side luggage basket. Let's start at the top of the stroller and work our way down to the wheels. 


Height adjustable handlebar with a leather-like look.
Adjust the handlebar up and down by opening the white clips on the side and then moving the handle up or down to find a custom height. Bugaboo strollers offer the widest range of handlebar positions to accommodate the tallest of tall, to the shortest of short, and everywhere in between!

Extendable sun canopy 

The Donkey3 has a zippered extendable canopy and with a mesh peekaboo window.
the mesh peekaboo window on the canopy means you can easily keep an eye on your little one without accidentally startling them awake. This is the sun canopy that is included with your purchase. You also can replace it with a Breezy canopy, or a different colour canopy if you so choose! Customization is made easy with Bugaboo!

Side luggage basket 

The Donkey3 earned its name by the ability to transport your goods—just like a reliable working Donkey. The side luggage basket acts as a built-in bag complete with a zipper top to keep all your things in one place [and we know you have a lot] and can hold up to 22 lbs.

Included Pram

The pram on the Donkey3 has been upgraded to include a convenient front pocket to keep all the baby things close by – we are thinking it’s a perfect spot for wipes, a key, or even a soother. The pram fabric [referred to as a style set], threads onto the same frame as the seat fabric does – so it is important to note that it isn’t super easy to swap between pram mode and toddler seat mode. You’ll graduate from one to the next when the time comes.


The tires on the Donkey3 are foam filled, puncture-proof, and the front wheels can lock or swivel depending on the terrain. The wheels are lighter than on previous models which is great for the overall weight of the stroller –just 27.5 lbs.


Mono: 60 cm/23.66 inches wide
Duo: 74 cm/29 inches wide

Let's dispel some myths, shall we?

Can the Donkey3 fit through a standard doorway? YES.
Can you fit x2 infant car seats side by side on the chassis? YES

Parents who have never pushed a double side-by-side stroller may be prone to tell you that they are far too wide and don’t fit through standard doorways. Sorry Karen, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The width of the Donkey3 in mono mode is the exact same as the Bugaboo Fox2. When in duo or twin mode the Donkey3 still easily fits-- dare we say it even glides through standard doorways. 

The Donkey3 Mono complete stroller includes:
• Side luggage basket with carry handle for added storage—just grab and go!
• Pram body fabric
• Toddler seat fabric
• Seat/bassinet frame and carry handle
• Extendable Sun Canopy
• Rain Cover

So how do you turn the Donkey3 Mono Complete into a double stroller? First, you will need to purchase the Donkey3 Duo extension set. This kit includes all the fabric and hardware you will need to add on that second seat to accommodate rider #2. Once you have the extension set the rest is easy.
You can move to duo mode in just three clicks.
One located on the bottom back of the frame.
One located on the bottom front of the frame
One located on the handlebar.
Once those white clips are open press the small white button in the middle of the chassis to extend the frame then simply click the tabs closed again to lock into that position. Remove the side luggage basket then pop in the second frame in seat or bassinet mode in its place. 

The good news is, the basket will grow with the expansion of the stroller so if you go shopping and need more room your bag will grow to accommodate.


Seating Configurations 

The Donkey3 doesn't just accommodate two seats and two children it accommodates two children that are different ages. Why is this important? You can have your older child in a seat facing one way and your youngest in the pram interacting with the parent who is pushing, or you can have both children facing you, or both children facing the world!

The seats on the Donkey3 are reversible and reclinable. Again, look for the white clip on the back of the seat to make that easy adjustment on the fly. They boast a 5-point harness and has adjustable no re-thread straps. We love that the new carry handle on both the pram and seats can swivel 360 degrees for easy in and out. On previous models, you would have had to fully remove the bar. The seat can also be removed from the chassis and can act as a standalone chair –uber convenient for a picnic in the park.
It's also important to note that the Donkey3 is one of few double strollers that CAN hold x2 infant car seats at the same time [with the use of adaptors] which makes it a great choice for anyone expecting twins. Many expectant twin parents struggle with the thought of having one baby on the bottom of a tandem double stroller and out of eyesight. No issues with that here! Keep eyes on both twins with side-by-side prams. Speaking of which let's get you shopping for a compatible infant seat in order to turn your Donkey3 into a convenient travel system.

Infant seat compatibility 

So, you’ve decided on the Donkey3 and now need to ensure that your car seat is compatible as a travel system? 

Here are your choices: Chicco (Twin Only),  Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex.

If you are having twins you will want to take advantage of the double car seat adaptor in order to make this configuration work.

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