Bringing Baby to the Table

Bella Tunno Cheerio Darling Baby Bowl on Wooden Cutting Board with Plaid Napkin

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Countdown to Christmas 

It’s baby’s first [second, third, or fourth] Christmas and no matter their age the joy, magic, and wonder of the season awaits. There are stockings to be hung, gifts to be wrapped, a tree to be trimmed, and memories to be made.

There is just something special about being surrounded by all the people that you love, don't you think?  
So whether you are planning for a peaceful potluck-style brunch or a festive feast for forty – it's important to consider the needs of your entire brood—like little ones in your life.

Now, your Aunt Karen may be a clueless “cotton-headed ninny-muggins!" when it comes to mealtime with a baby [hide the fine china and sharp knives, Karen!] but you can still show up perfectly poised and prepared this season. 


Today we are sharing a few of our favourite mealtime essentials.
All of these items were chosen with convenience in mind and will allow you to bring baby to the table this season.
Now, bring on the good tidings of comfort [food] and joy!

Read on for 5 ways to bring baby to the table this season. 

Comfort & Joy

Age Appropriate Seating

First things first, the baby needs a comfortable seat at the table.
If you are looking for a highchair that can grow with your family, we’ve found THE ONE.

Enter the Tripp Trapp Complete!
It comes with a solid beech wood frame, cushion, baby-set with a 5-point harness, a removable tray, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Why we love it? The Tripp Trapp is perfect for baby to use now and can be adjusted to act as additional seating in the years to come. This chair can be used with the tray or simply remove it and nestle the high chair up against your table for when you little is ready to be part of the action. As your little ones grow, simply make an adjustment to the seat and footrest to ensure an ergonomic seating position –their legs should be at a 90-degree angle.

Learn more about the Stokke Tripp Trapp in this Product Review. 
Newborn baby in Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair using Stokke Newborn Set
Now, let's talk about accessories like the Tripp Trap Newborn Set and convenient storage attachment. 
Too many parents eat meals with a baby on their lap, so give yourself the gift of  TWO HANDS this season by adding on the Tripp Trapp Newborn Set [sold separately.]
This convenient attachment cradles your little one and has two adjustable positions allowing baby to have their very own seat at the table—even from day one. 

Do you find that you are always short on seating around the Holidays?
We know it is tough trying to squeeze everyone in.
In the mood for a Christmas miracle? 
Get this, the Tripp Trapp is more than just a high chair -- it can be easily adjusted to fit a 242-pound adult.

Like what you see here?
It's our Snuggle Bugz x Stokke Exclusive and boasts a pretty whitewash, wood frame, and Cloud Sprinkle Cushion fabric. If you think the cushion looks familiar [good eye] you've probably spotted it in Jillian Harris' Instagram stories! Her little Annie is often seen eating meals in her Tripp Trapp and we are 99% sure she stays comfy with her Cloud Sprinkle cushion.

Young boy and girl sitting at dinning table in Stokke Tripp Trapp Complete High Chair in whitewash finish, only available at Snuggle Bugz.
Tripp Trapp Complete





Happy Holidays & Happy Mats  

As EZPZ as 1, 2, 3
An actual copy of every parents Christmas wish list:

  1. Happy Baby
  2. Happy Mat
  3. Happy Holidays

For your sake, we are hoping that Santa delivers this year! 
Babies are messy and the ezpz line has proven to be a lifesaver and table saver.

Their products are made using high-quality silicone that suctions directly to the table making them nearly impossible for tiny hands to tip over.
Less stuffing smearing and turkey tossing? It's another Christmas miracle!

The Happy Mat is a placemat and a plate in one. Bonus that 4 mats can be stacked and carried with food to the kids table in one trip. #parentinghack
The Tiny Bowl and Mini Mat are packaged in a reusable bag that can easily be stored in your diaper bag to be pulled out at restaurants or Grandma's house. Plus, each section is portion-controlled in grams which means less overthinking more wine drinking.

ezpz is just one of the brands we carry but there are dozens of bowls and plates with suction that offer similar features--check them out below. 
You heard it here first, suction will be your BFF this season, at suppertime, and beyond!

ezpz Happy Mat and bowl on wooden table with Replay sippy cup
suction > spills


$22.99 – $23.00

Manners & Merriment

Baby Friendly Cuttlery
Since we DON’T want baby to poke their eye out with a full-size fork you may want to come prepared to your family festivities with a starter spoon or a beginner's cutlery set.

The holidays are the perfect time to positively reinforce new skills, and what better way to do that than getting your little a special little set of their very own. If your little one is currently in the pincer phase the holidays are a GREAT time to implement a spoon or fork into their mealtime regimen. It’s always impressive to see how easily little hands take to using utensils when they see EVERYONE else doing it. Some sets even come with a convenient little travel case like this one

Want to be the hostess with the mostess?
If you are hosting a big meal, chances are you may run out of cutlery before you’ve even served dessert. Why not have a stash of kid-friendly cutlery on hand for use at the kids table—your nieces and nephews will thank you for it– and your mom will be glad she won't have to eat her apple pie with a pair of tongs.

Collection of baby and children's cutlery shown on cutting board with bowl and plaid napkins
kid-friendly cutlery

You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Bib

Protect Your Christmas Sweater
You’ve spent time, money, and energy on selecting the CUTEST holiday outfit for baby, so the last thing you need is a stain front and center at your very first holiday party.
Spit up happens! Keep your little clean with a fun and festive bandana bib like these ones from Copper Pearl.

Dinner time? Don’t forget to pack an age appropriate bib.
This Gentleman bib by Make My Day is adorable and this roll-up bib from OXO Tot allows you to roll the bib’s fabric into the silicone pocket allowing you to easily tuck it into a diaper bag.

The new holiday line from Bella Tunno is laugh out loud funny.
You’ll have your bah humbug big brother laughing with these cheeky sayings.

Resting Grinch face?
Fleece Navidad?

We literally can’t even.

Sometimes spills are inevitable so try to stay lighthearted and just quote Home Alone.
“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!”

Holiday Bibs

Bella Tunno


Bella Tunno


Seasonal Sipping

Look Ma, No Spills!

Are you at the stage where your little one wants to try EVERYTHING that is in your cup?
I mean, sure eggnog LOOKS like breast milk -- but no honey, this is Mama’s special drink and it is not. for. you. 

Allow your little one to feel like a BIG KID with their own [plastic] cup like this one with a non-slip grip from OXO Tot.
Not quite ready to try open cup? No problem!

We carry everything from training cups like the ezpz Tiny Cup, or this one from Marcus & Marcus. We also have convenient no-spill options like this one shown above from Re-Play.
It is made of recycled plastics and it clear that Charlotte was OBSESSED with it.

Replay sippy cup & OXO Tot Transistions cup in blue with ezpz Happy Mat and bowl on wooden table

Cheers to You & Yours!

Whatever brings you happiness. May it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year. May the holiday season fill your home with joy and your heart with love.

^^ feel free to steal that toast

Now you are officially Holiday ready!
Pass the gravy, please!

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  • Love this, especially the reference to everyone’s favourite Elf movie! I’ve gone through so many cups to figure out the miracle 360 cup is the way to go! Thanks for fun