BOB Alterrain Pro Stroller Review

Who run the world?

If you are looking for an all-terrain running stroller to keep up with your active lifestyle then you’ve come to the right place to get the 411 on the BOB Alterrain Pro running stroller! We have so many stroller offerings in our stores but when it comes down to a true running stroller there are fewer contenders to choose from which is why the entire BOB line is so well known in the running community. A true running stroller allows you the convenience of a quick 5K workout with children in tow and there is nothing better than packing up your little for a quick jog on a hard day. Best part? No babysitter required to rack in your daily KM’s and get those endorphins from a runner's high.

BOB Gear launched back in 2005 and has been a leader in the running space ever since. In 2020 they rebranded and upgraded their entire line to unveil a new sleek look. So, today we want to dig in on the features of the new BOB Alterrain and the Alterrain Pro models to help you decide and then get moving.

Alterrain vs. Alterrain Pro

Before we begin, let's point out the differences between the BOB Alterrain and the Alterrain Pro, shall we?

The BOB Alterrain Pro comes with the following extra features that are not found on the base model.

  • Handbrake for control going downhill
  • Upgraded [waterproof] fabrics
  • Zippered basket cover
  • Reflective details on the wheels
  • Magnetic Peekaboo window on the canopy that also exposes a small panel of ventilation. Kind of like a moon roof for your child.
So, now that you know the difference between the two—we can dig in on the long list of features that they both share. 

BOB Alterrain PRO extra inclusions like zippered basket top and handbrake


The BOB Alterrain and Alterrain Pro strollers are equipped with air-filled tires. If you have been browsing convertible strollers, you'll know that those big ole’ wheels are usually foam-filled wheels.
We love that air-filled tires are great for performance and taking on rugged terrain like your local running trails and beyond. The front wheel can swivel or lock. You'll want to have it in a locked position if you intend to run.

Remember, the Pro model does include reflectors on the wheels as well. This is a great feature if you plan to be running later in the evening or early mornings before the sun comes up. If this is you #commitment! p.s. you may like the “Lunar” fabric as it has some glow-in-the-dark details!

BOB Alterrain PRO wheels and suspension


Oh, hello suspension.

Have you ever been out and about on a trail and spotted a little one just going for a BUMPY RIDE – we always feel so bad for the precious cargo getting bumped around! This is why we are passionate about helping you find the right stroller for your family. A smaller wheeled stroller may be great for a city-living-condo-dweller who uses public transit—but that kind of a stroller is not meant to be used on anything other than a sidewalk.

If you are looking for a smooth ride on ANY terrain, you’ve found it. The BOB strollers can take on any terrain with ease because of the spring-loaded shocks in the stroller frame. The easiest way to explain the shocks is to compare them to a mountain bike. Now, many of our full-sized strollers can take on the snow and other elements, but this is a whole other category when it comes to taking on terrain with ease. Also, bonus points that the 9-position handlebar also allows you to find a custom fit for your push.


Both models have a big basket [covered or uncovered depending on the model you choose] + 5 additional spots to stash your stuff! The zippered compartment near the handlebar is where you'll find yourself stashing your credit card, keys, facemask, and phone.

If you are using the BOB Alterrain Pro to train, you'll want to keep your company content for a good 5K, so the interior seat pockets are ideal to stash your passengers' toys + treasures or their own water bottle or sippy cup.

BOB Alterrain PRO storage including interior pockets and a spot for your phone

The seat + handlebar

The BOB Alterrain and Alterrain Pro have a very wide seat which means your pint-sized passenger will have lots of room. The stroller has a 5-point no re-thread harness and a near-flat recline on the seat is helpful for when you lull your little one is lulled to sleep on a run. Throughout this article, we have showcased pictures of a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old in the stroller. You can see that both have them still have so much room to grow into it. 

Bonus points for the 9-position handlebar also allows you to find a custom fit for your push.

Weight Capacity

Child Weight Capacity: 75 lbs
Child Height Capacity: 44 in

It’s no surprise that running strollers are heavy as they boost big wheels and a spacious seat. The BOB Alterrain Pro weighs 32.5 lbs but with that height, stroller weight comes an impressive weight limit of 75lbs! To compare, the average everyday stroller can usually hold up to 50lbs so you will potentially be able to use this stroller for many many years. 

Please note, you are not able to use this stroller for running until your child has met the requirements below as it is not safe to run with a baby until they are at least 8 months old.

  • From birth with Infant Car Seat (walk only)
  • From 8 weeks riding in stroller seat (walk only)
  • From 8 months in stroller seat (jogging/off-road)

Car seat compatibility

We often recommend BOB as a great secondary stroller option for your family. In order to accommodate those big wheels and an impressive weight limit the stroller is quite big and takes up a lot of trunk space in your vehicle. 

The good news is that the BOB Alterrain and Alterrian PRO can work for your family from birth as a travel system if you choose this as your main stroller. By purchasing a pair of adapters [sold separately] you can easily attach your infant car seat to the stroller. 

One-handed fold

You will be surprised at how easy it is to fold up the BOB Alterrain and Alterrain PRO—you can do it with one hand which means you can check your KM’s with your phone in the other hand to see if you’ve PR’d after your run. 

  1. Lift the panel located above the front wheel
  2. Press the yellow button while twisting the bar
  3. TA-DA!

Becoming a parent does not mean you have to give up your Saturday adventuring or your active lifestyle. You get to dictate your new family traditions and there is nothing better than introducing your children to your hobbies. There is nothing greater than that runner's high with baby in tow-- we are speaking from experience. 

Still, searching for the right all-terrain stroller?
We've compared the BOB Alterrian Pro with the Thule Urban Glide 2 but if you are looking for a rugged stroller not necessarily built for running you may want to consider the Baby Jogger City Elite 2. 

Happy Shopping!

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