4moms Connect High Chair Review

Get ready to say, “hello” to sweet potato smiles and an avocado face mask because your little one's first foods journey is about to begin! So, how do you choose a high chair that will suit your needs? It depends on what you are looking for, but here are a few things to consider while you research...

  • Can you use the chair from birth?
  • Is the high chair multipurpose?
  • What is the weight of the chair?
  • What is the weight capacity of the chair?
  • Does it have convenience features that will make your life easier?
Go ahead and marinate on those questions [see what we did there] but, while you are, may we suggest the 4moms Connect High Chair! It looks modern and is beyond functional—perfect for your little foodie-to-be!


  • Material: Aluminum, plastic
  • Recommended Age: 6+ Months [but can be used from birth]
  • Size: 37.21" (H) x 20.41" (W) x 27.84" (D)
  • Weight: Holds up to 60 lbs

It's easy to clean

Go ahead and shout this one from the rooftops because historically, high chairs see a lot of crumbs and dried on who-knows-what.

The Connect High Chair really is easy to clean and boasts a removable foam seat insert. It’s the shape of the chair that really allows you to keep it clean with minimal effort. Go ahead and get a washcloth to wipe it all down after the tornado that is toddler dinner hour. There are no hard-to-reach cracks or crevasses—just a smooth rounded surface for you to easily wipe down no matter how messy the meal. The Connect High Chair also has a dishwasher-safe tray liner to make mealtimes a breeze.

Speaking of the tray, we love that it can easily attach and glide on to the chair with one hand.

Magnetic tray

One of the features we love about the Connect High Chair is that you can attach the tray to the chair with one hand. We tried it, and it’s true – you really can!

The tray is magnetic which allows you to connect securely and effortlessly to the chair quickly. May we remind you that speed is important when dealing with a hungry toddler at snack time. We all know how much little one's love to squirm, so the magnetic tray feature is especially helpful when you are multitasking. Go ahead and load your child into the chair with one arm then quickly attach the tray with the other. Once your little one is seated, go ahead and secure them inside using the 5-point or 3-point harness options allowing you to customize the chair to suit your needs.
4moms Connect High Chair Tray

It's fully customizable

You can customize more than just the harness of this high chair – it really can morph to suit your needs. The 4moms Connect High Chair is fully adjustable which means as your little one's flavour palate grows, so can their high chair. It has an adjustable height [3 positions], an adjustable recline, and a 5-point harness that can convert to 3-point when needed.

From baby to big kid, the Connect high chair seat easily reclines to safely support newborns! The best part about that? No additional attachment is required, which means you can actually start using this high chair once it is purchased off of your baby registry. It can grow with your child up to a generous 60 lb weight limit.

  1. Stage1: Reclined for a newborn
  2. Stage 2: Standard seating position, tray on with 5-point harness
  3. Stage 3: Remove the crotch post and the tray then switch to 3-point harness mode and bring your independent toddler right up to the table for mealtimes
4moms Connect High Chair harness and seat 3 views

Bring Them to the Table

Now, the Connect High Chair may not fold away like some of the others available, but it is also not a monstrosity! We love the fact that you can easily slide up to your table or into a corner in the kitchen when not in use. You weren't really going to tear it down between mealtimes anyway, were you?

If you are still shopping for a high chair, check out our Top High Chairs of 2022. Struggling to keep your toddler happy at mealtime? We even have an article for that.

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