Yoee Baby - Fox

by Yoee Baby

Yoee Baby - Fox

by Yoee Baby



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Yoee Baby Fox is a developmental baby toy designed to promote development through bonding and play, beginning on day one. Made with irresistibly touchable fabrics and features, Yoee Baby Fox will stimulate baby's senses and make them giggle, smile and coo. It is 5 toys in one - A plush, a rattle, a soothing teether, and a developmental and sensory toy that helps promote bonding, sensory and language development, body awareness, fine and gross motor skill development, and makes playtime fun and easy for parents, siblings and caregivers.

Joan The Fox has more than a full dance card, she has Eugene, The Bunny, to love her. While there are many stories to tell about this vivacious fox, they often start and end with a handsome Bunny from the garden region of the eastern furrow. Some call this area of the garden "wine country," others refer to it as Lettuce Land. Some say this is where the song "Lettuce Land In Each Other’s Arms" was first sung—by a Bunny to a Fox. It was a moonlit night in the garden, and it was so quiet you could hear a baby’s soft breath, somewhere deep in sleepy dreaming. In the garden, all songs start and end with love.


-Interaction and bonding

-Sensory and language development

-Body awareness

-Gross and fine motor skills


-Machine washable

-Gentle rattle and crinkles

-Food-grade Silicone teether

-High contrast colors

-Playful Characters

-Chew-safe tag

-No BPA or phthalates

-Rigorously safety tested

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