Snuza Hero SE Portable Baby Monitor

by Snuza

Snuza Hero SE Portable Baby Monitor

by Snuza



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Monitor your baby’s movements

Snuza Hero baby monitor is a wearable device, which attaches to baby's diaper and monitors normal abdominal movement. The Snuza Hero is a vibrating movement monitor and will vibrate after 15 seconds in an effort to cause resumption of abdominal movement, this is then followed by a loud alarm. The Hero detects even the slightest abdominal movement and alerts you if your baby's movements are very weak or fall to less than eight movements per minute. If no abdominal movement is detected at all for a period of 15 seconds, the Hero will vibrate gently. Often this vibration is enough to rouse the baby and Hero will revert to monitoring mode. After three vibration/rouse incidents, the Rouse Warning will alert you to the fact that your baby's abdominal movements have stopped for 15 seconds on three occasions. If no further movement is detected for another five seconds, an alarm will sound to alert you. The Snuza Hero can pick up external movements and it is therefore not suitable for co-sleeping babies or when bed-sharing. It is advisable not to use the Snuza Hero when the baby is in motion, e.g. in a car seat or a stroller.

Why Snuza Hero?

Small – clips onto baby’s diaper

Portable – cordless baby monitor


How it works

Listen – activate a gentle clicker sound that let’s you know the Snuza Hero is on

Watch – movement-rate indicator lights warn you about weak or infrequent movement

Vibration – after 15 seconds of no detected movement, Snuza Hero gently vibrates to rouse baby

Alert – audible alarm after 20 seconds of no movement or after three vibrate incidents

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