Infant Lounger Covers - Cotton

by Snuggle Me Organic



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Protect your lounger, and reduce last-minute laundry loads. The Snuggle Me Infant Covers are made with incredibly soft organic cotton that protects your lounger from minor leaks and spills.


  • Thoughtfully designed with your baby’s comfort in mind. Use your lounger to actively engage with your little one while they are lounging, enjoying tummy time or sitting up.
  • The Snuggle Me Lounger is NOT a sleeping device, and should NEVER be put in a bassinet or crib.

Snuggle Me Lounger Proper Use:

  • NEVER leave baby unsupervised.
  • NEVER use in a crib or other sleep device.
  • NEVER place on soft or uneven surfaces.
  • NEVER use as a co-sleeping device. 


  • Crafted to easily slide on and off your lounger for quick washing, and switching up of colors.


Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash on a cold gentle cycle with gentle dye free detergents.
  • Do not pour detergent directly on the cover.
  • Wash by itself, and disable top loaders with agitators.
  • Air dry on a flat surface until damp, then tumble dry on low.
  • Adding heat to any cover will shrink them.

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