Smart Sock & Cam Monitor Duo Gen 3

by Owlet

Smart Sock & Cam Monitor Duo Gen 3

by Owlet




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A lot can happen while your baby sleeps, and a traditional baby monitor won’t notify you of important changes. Only the Owlet Monitor Duo tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level while they sleep, and streams audio and high-definition video right to your smartphone. Use the Duo to monitor your baby in their own room and feel confident that Baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels are being tracked as they sleep. Know when your baby needs you and see when they’re sleeping peacefully. The Monitor Duo is a complete monitoring system, and combines the Smart Sock and Cam. Using proven technology, the Sock Smart sends data to the Base Station which glows green when everything is okay and uses lights and sounds to let you know when your baby needs you.



  • The Smart Sock includes quick, wireless charging and keeps monitoring even through gentle motion.
  • The Cam can be mounted above the baby’s crib and includes cable guard covers to keep cords safe from little hands
  • A temperature sensor on the power cord keeps you informed of your baby’s sleep environment so you can make sure your baby is comfortable.
  • Use the two-way talk to soothe through the Cam, and leave background audio on so you can use your phone for other tasks while still listening for your baby.
  • Check on your baby from anywhere with the Owlet app and receive proactive notifications about your baby’s wellness.
  • Tracks Baby’s oxygen & heart rate - View readings in real-time with Owlet App.
  • Streams live audio and HD video - Secure, encrypted data streams right to your smartphone.
  • Get a complete view of Baby - Use the Owlet app to stay connected and view live readings of your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level with high-definition audio and video.
  • Tells you when Baby needs you - Base Station and Owlet app notify you when readings leave “safe” zones.
  • Measures sleep trends - View total hours slept, number of wakings, sleep quality and more.
  • The Best of Owlet. The Owlet Monitor Duo combines the Smart Sock and Cam to give you a complete picture of your baby in one app.
  • Hear, See and Know Your Baby is Okay*. The only monitoring system to track your baby's heart rate and oxygen level while streaming high-definition video and audio to your smartphone.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind and Freedom. The Owlet Monitor Duo proactively notifies you if your baby needs to be checked on, and lets you rest while your baby sleeps. 94% of parents report better sleep with the Owlet Smart Sock.
  • Check On Baby From Anywhere. Use the Owlet app to stay connected to your baby from wherever you are. See live readings of your baby’s oxygen and heart rate with high-definition audio and video.
  • For Every Baby and Every Parent. The Smart Sock fits 90% of babies from birth to 18 months, up to 30 lbs.
  • Track Through Gentle Motion. The Smart Sock tracks baby’s heart rate and oxygen even when your baby is moving in their sleep
  • Safe and Secure. The Owlet Monitor Duo streams secure, encrypted data to your smartphone and is the only baby monitoring system to display visual and wellness data in one app.
  • Monitor What Matters. Every parent craves reassurance that their baby is sleeping soundly. The Owlet Monitor Duo monitors what matters—oxygen level and heart rate—when it matters most.

What's in the Box?:

  • 3 fabric socks to grow with the baby's foot
  • Smart Sock Sensor with rechargeable battery
  • Base Station
  • Charging cords
  • Cam and magnetic base
  • Power cable with temperature sensor
  • Power adapter


  • Fits babies 0 to 18 months - Fabric socks fit 5 lbs. to 30 lbs., for both left and right feet.
  • 16 Hour Battery + Quick Charge - Get 8 hours in 20 min., and a full charge in 90 min.
  • Wireless Charging - Convenient drop-and-go charging on the Base Station.

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