Breathing Wear Swaddle

by Nanit

Breathing Wear Swaddle

by Nanit

$24.99 – $29.99

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The Nanit Swaddle works exclusively with the Nanit Plus nursery camera, to monitor your baby’s breathing motion with no sensors on their body or in their cot. Nanit Plus is able to track breathing motion by reading subtle movements in the fabric’s custom pattern, and alert you if your baby needs you. Plus, the Swaddle is snug, soft and comfy, to help them sleep soundly.

Feel more confident when leaving your baby in the crib each night, so you can get some sleep yourself. With Breathing Wear, the Nanit Plus camera tracks your baby’s breathing motion, and lets you know when they need you.

This product is intended to be used in conjunction with the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor.

Rolling over already? Check out the Breathing Band! They grow up so fast! Luckily, our Breathing Band can always catch up. It’s 100% cotton, machine washable, and can be worn over most pajamas.

  • Better sleep for baby: Swaddles prevent babies from waking themselves up with their startle reflex All night comfort: Swaddles have a therapeutic effect that helps calm colicky babies
  • Safe and sound: The AAP recommends swaddling to ensure babies sleep on their backs through the night
  • Warm and cozy: Swaddles help babies maintain an optimal temperature throughout the night
  • Secure, Stay-Put Flaps: Open hook and loop attachments make for the perfect fit
  • Hip Healthy: Widened middle section ensures your baby has enough wiggle room
  • Feather Soft Edges: Pinch-proof and glides on as easy as a good night’s sleep
  • Two-Way Zippers: Diaper checks and changes made easy. Well, easier...
  • Machine Washable: 100% cotton and dryer safe
  • Breathing Wear products are made of 100% cotton, and contain no electronics, wires, or sensors 

  • Available sizes for 0-6 months
Additional Care Instructions: 

  • When using the Nanit Swaddle, make sure not to have too many layers of clothes on your baby to prevent overheating. Babies should wear lightweight clothes and not feel warm to the touch. In order for breathing motion monitoring to work properly, the Breathing Wear pattern must be in clear sight of the camera with nothing obscuring the pattern. Always be sure to follow safe sleep practices.
  • NEVER use the Nanit Swaddle in combination with the Breathing Band.

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