Juno Carrier

by Mountain Buggy



Mountain Buggy's innovation award winning Juno™, is a multi-functional carrier that transitions seamlessly from newborn to toddler, providing a hands free, hands through connection. The closeness that babywearing creates has an instant soothing effect for both parent and child, and so, juno™ was designed in collaboration with medical professionals and real parents to ensure these emotional connections were met for the ultimate bonding experience, as well as delivering the very best ergonomics in all four carrying modes for both you and your child. The health benefits of keeping your child close is huge, and juno™ enables you to continue having valuable skin-to-skin contact which helps to increase weight gain, boost immunities and improve nervous system functions in newborns.


  • The hands through connection pouch provides a natural way to cradle baby
  • Included infant inserts adds height and padding, providing hip, knee and sacrum (lower spine) support for your newborn
  • Cushioned seat has a "flip out" functionality to provide an adjustable length and width to hold your baby securely as they grow
  • Padding straps and waistband
  • Magnetic sternum strap fastenings with shoulder strap runners for easy adjustment
  • Protective hood with its own stow away pocket
  • Large pockets in waistband for your personal belongings
  • Four carrying positions


  • Front Face In: newborn – 24 months 3.5 – 12.2kg / 8 – 29lbs
  • Front Face Out: 6 – 18 months 6.5 – 10kg / 14 – 24lbs
  • Hip Carrying Mode: 6 – 24 months 6.5 – 12.2kg / 14 – 27lbs
  • Back Carrying Mode: 6 – 48 months 6.5 – 20kg / 14 – 44lbs
  • Material: Chemical free 100% natural cotton

Care Instructions:

  • Machine washable

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