Flushable Liners 100 pk

by Lil Helper

Flushable Liners 100 pk

by Lil Helper



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These handy little devils mean that you can enjoy both the convenience of disposables and the benefits of cloth. They protect your lovely cloth liners from poop or diaper creams and can then be flushed away. No muss, no fuss.

  • Easy Poop Cleanups: Diaper sprayer, scrubbing poop, dunking/rinsing not required.
  • Easy To Carry: Perfect to carry while on the go and will ensure you can throw away your babies mess rather then carrying a messy diaper.
  • Easily Flush-able: Just remove the lining from the diaper and flush it down, no hassle, no stress.
  • Easy Fit: These liners fit comfortably within the vast majority of diaper sizing's.


  • 7 in x 11 in (18 cm x 28 cm)

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