Auto Close Gateway

by Kidco



If you’ve already begun to look around you’ve probably noticed many KidCo look-alike gates are popping up. Why? Because many people like to follow the leader. Having been the first to introduce metal safety gates to the US about 20 years ago, KidCo is now being copied more than ever. But looks can be deceiving. Why should you purchase a ‘real’ KidCo gate over the competitor’s cheaper gates? Below you will find just a few reasons why.


  • As a pressure mount gate, the Auto Close Gateway provides maximum safety for use in doorways and hallways when drilling into woodwork or drywall is not desirable or practical.
  • It utilizes Magnet-Lock Technology to automatically draw the door closed and guarantee it locks each and every time.
  • It also has a Hold Open Feature for those times where the door needs to stay open until it is pushed closed.


  • Optional extensions are available for wider openings to 47 .5″.

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