Plastic Free Colourful Pacifiers

by Hevea

From $11.99 $11.99 – $14.99


The Hevea coloured pacifier collection is the first in the world that is both 100% plastic free and colourful. Completely plant based, made out of 100% natural rubber and FDA approved natural colour pigments. The pacifier has a silky smooth touch and is gentle on the baby’s face and teeth, but still resistant to bites.


  • 100% plastic free, natural plant based rubber
  • Natural colour pigments
  • Two sizes (0-3 months or 3-36 months)
  • Two shapes (orthodontic or round)
  • Gentle on babies face and teeth
  • Resistant to baby nibbles
  • Good for baby and good for the planet
  • Highly hygienic


  • Easy to clean in hot water

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