Adult 9" Hazel BR blue/red

by Healing Hazel

Adult 9" Hazel BR blue/red

by Healing Hazel

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Hazelwood neutralizes acidity throughout the body. Its benefits are significant and it derives its origin from an ancient indian custom, transmitted over the years. The contact between hazelwood and the skin will naturally calm your child

Also soothes: sore spots, skin rashes, diaper rash, flushed cheek/ neck, eczema and fever while teething

  • Healing Hazel is the First company in this category to obtain a medical licence from Health Canada
  • Uses the freshest, light coloured, high quality wood from Canadian forests
  • Leave a "safe space" between each wood and bead piece so that when the wood expands and darkens everything stays in place
  • Hand-crafted in Quebec, Canada. Tried and Tested for over 30 years
  • Caution: wear continuously directly on the skin and under clothes and do not leave babies and small children unattended while wearing this product. Necklace contains small parts; and it should be removed when the child sleeps.
  • Hazelwood is water resistant but not waterproof. Hazelwood's effectivenss depends on individual acidity level and decreases when the wood is darkened
  • When the wood darkens it is time to replace
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