Spill Free Spout

by Everyday Baby

Spill Free Spout

by Everyday Baby


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With Everyday Baby Spill Proof Spout, it is easier for your child to learn to drink from a mug. It is specially designed to be comfortable and gentle to your child's sensitive gum. It is also guaranteed spill-free. In other words you don’t have to worry about spotted clothes or floors. Good, isn't it?

This spout is also carefully tested by authorized testing institutes to meet our high demands on materials, durability and function. With Everyday Baby Spill-free Spout, you know you're making a safe choice. It is made of soft medical silicone, completely free from any substances that can harm your baby.


  • Spill-free
  • Made of soft medical silicone
  • Gentle on your child's sensitive gum
  • Fits all baby bottles from Everyday Baby


  • Dimensions: 1.9 x 1.9 x 1.5in
  • Weight: 0.05lbs
  • Material spout:100% Silicone

Care Instructions:

  • STERILIZE BEFORE FIRST USE: Before using the spout for the first time, it should be sterilized. Proceed as follows: Place the spout pipe in a large saucepan of boiling water. Cover with a lid and let boil for at least five minutes.
  • CLEANING: The spout withstands dishwashing, boiling and steam sterilization. If you wash by hand, clean the spout thoroughly in clean water and detergent. Then rinse in clean running water so that all the foam and detergent disappears. The spout shall always be cleaned after use.
  • DRYING: Let the spout drain into a dish rack in a well-ventilated place. Make sure it dries properly. If moisture persists, mold and fungus may form.
  • STORING: Store the spout in a closed place at room temperature. Do not leave in direct sunlight as it may damage the product.
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