Bamboo Latex Pacifiers

by Elodie Details


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Say hello to the next generation of sustainable soothers. Dummy, pacifier, binky – whatever you call them, they are usually one of your child’s most treasured possessions. The dummy is a constant companion for many babies and parents in the first years, as they can calm the newborn and provide a feeling of security.

The natural look and feel of these beauties are achieved by mixing plant-based bamboo fibres with traditional polyphropylene-plastic. By using fast growing and renewable bamboo as a resource, we reduce its environmental impact and help you reduce the use of plastic in everyday life.

The muted colour shades and the knob-ring give them a retro-inspired look that is easy to fall in love with. All soothers have a matching soother clip, perfect to complete the look and keep the dummy within reach.

These bamboo pacifiers have dual ventilation holes to reduce skin irritation. They are suitable from around 3 months of age. 


  • Partly plant-based materials: These next generation pacifiers are made in part with natural plant-based materials, helping your family reduce your everyday use of plastic.
  • Suction part in natural rubber Latex: Features a round teat made from Latex, a natural rubber-based material.
  • For design-minded parents: The retro look and feel, combined with carefully chosen and subtle colours make them favourites among design minded parents everywhere.
  • High quality and easy maintenance: Tested and approved according to the European safety standard EN-1400. Easy to clean and sterilize in boiling water. Full instructions on how to use are included.
  • Free from harmful substances: Completely free from harmful substances such as BPA, phthalates, and PVC.

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