Double Electric Breast Pump

by Dr Brown's



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The closed system, Dr. Brown’s Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump helps moms find the most comfortable setting to help produce the most milk. Featuring Dr. Brown’s SoftShape Silicone Shields! The FSA-eligible Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump offers more lactation and expression mode settings to help moms find the one that works best for them.


  • The one-piece, 25 mm SoftShape Shields remain flexible and gentle for any breast shape
  • Customizable settings in both let-down mode and expression mode
  • Increase or decrease both the cycle and vacuum settings so you can find the perfect pumping rate for you
  • Portable and lightweight, the Customflow fits pumping bags and features silicone stretch walls to hold wide bottles, pump parts, snacks, drinks, and more
  • Built-in timer and pause buttons to easily stop and start, while settings memory makes it easier to replicate successful pumping sessions 
  • Pause anytime and pick right back up without losing your time and settings
  • Save your best session settings with settings memory 
  • Three storage areas featuring silicone stretch walls make this pump the best in portable storage solutions 
  • The Customflow is under 2 lbs, and with a hidden handle, easy to pick up one-handed and move around – even loaded up with bottles and parts.


  • Material: SoftShape Shields 100% silicone

What's in the box:

  • (2) Milk Collection Kits with SoftShape Silicone Shields
  • (2) 4 oz/120 ml Options+ Bottles with Level 1 Nipples
  • (1) Slowest Flow Preemie Flow Nipple
  • (2) Storage Travel Caps
  • (2) Narrow-to-Wide-Neck Adapters for Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck Bottles
  • (1) 6V Power Adapter
  • (2) Tubes

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