Diaper Dekor 2pk Refill

by Dekor

Diaper Dekor 2pk Refill

by Dekor


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Diaper Dékor refills are strong, easy to use, powder scented, offer superb capacity and are now Biodegradable! Available for both the Diaper Dékor and Diaper Dékor Plus in a Two-Pack Value size.

Dékor refills are now biodegradable, and break down faster than plastic for a greener disposal of disposable diapers.

Some features of the new refills:

*Break down completely with no harmful chemicals
*Unlimited shelf life
*Doesn't require UV or exposure to air to break down
*Can safely be used in landfills or for composting

Using Dékor Refills actually save you money over other diaper disposal refill systems. Typically the cost is a few pennies per diaper compared to the competition which could cost you up to three times as much.

One box of Dèkor Refills holds up to 240 diapers per bag while a box of Dèkor Plus Refills will hold up to 335 diapers per bag. That's value!


Dekor - Diaper Dekor 2pk Refill

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