The Dribbler Bandana - 2 Pack

by Cheryl's Home & Family

The Dribbler Bandana - 2 Pack

by Cheryl's Home & Family



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The Dribbler Bandana is our terry-cloth bib made with an easy to use soft velcro, so mealtime and drool time, is as easy to deal with as possible. The bib has a waterproof inner layer to keep baby dry no matter what spills might occur.  

Bibs aren’t only for mealtime. By 2 months old, your baby may have become a drool machine and it’s hard to keep up…and keep dry. Humans produce about 2-4 pints of drool every day! But babies have not quite developed the muscles for swallowing and around their mouths to keep the drool from dribbling out. That’s why we created the Dribbler Bandana. Great for catching all those dribbles.

Key Features:
  • Soft white terry cloth, free of dyes and harsh chemicals
  • Easy to wash, easy to pack
  • Designed to keep
  • Protecting baby against meal and drool-time adventures.

  • Colour: White
  • Fabric: 80% cotton 20% polyester
  • Pcs or Pack: 2pc pack

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