Fox Base

by Bugaboo

Fox Base

by Bugaboo

$819.36 – $875.36

$1,024.20 – $1,094.20

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The most comfortable ride from Bugaboo yet. The bigger wheels and advanced central-joint suspension (with additional rear-wheel suspension) create a smooth, steady ride for your child whether they are in the pram body or the seat. And of course an easy, effortless driving experience for you! The modular design of the Bugaboo Fox makes it possible for you to create your own stroller by mixing and matching the different fabrics, wheel caps and grips. This function of the Bugaboo Fox allows parents to customize their own ride and create the ideal stroller.

Please Note: This product is a component of the entire Fox Stroller from Bugaboo. In order to complete your complete Bugaboo Fox, you will need to purchase each component separately, allowing you the joy creating your perfect stroller.

Part 1 : Fox Base

  • Available in Black and Aluminum
  • The most comfortable stroll thanks to its central joint suspension and big wheels.
  • Strong and sturdy yet ultralight (21.8) and compact for easy lifting and carrying.
  • Designed to last from durable materials and fabrics.
  • Modular design means you can customize your stroller and refresh your look for a new season or a new baby.
  • Large, easily accessible under seat basket with special storage pockets.
  • Holds up to 22lbs
  • Easily attach Bugaboo accessories (like the cup holder, parasol, comfort wheeled board) to your stroller with the integrated attachment points
Whats In The Box:

  • Bugaboo Fox Base: This item includes the chassis, wheels, seat hardware, harness, sun canopy wires, and sun canopy clamps for the Bugaboo Fox (other components of the Bugaboo Fox sold separately).

  • High seat placement (59 cm) in combination with a stable stroller
  • Perfect for lifting your child in & out and using the stroller at the table
  • Easy to apply and release with a simple shoe-friendly clicking action
  • Recycled fabrics

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