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The Buckle Me Baby Coat “Toastier Edition”, with a warm, rib-knit collar for extra coziness, is a safer winter car seat coat. Little ones can be safely buckled and warm without interfering with the car seat harness and can be used with the same harness setting as no coat. Makes it quick, easy and convenient to buckle and unbuckle the child. The coats are thinner in the back and have a revolutionary side and shoulder opening that allows for easy buckling and optimal safety, as there is no puffy fabric to compress in the case of a crash.


  • Sleeve length is longer than traditional coats to allow for growth without sizing up.
  • Fall in love with the charming kangaroo pocket – perfect for hiding little treasures or giving cold hands a warm place to snuggle.
  • Perfect for royal safer rides and winter wonderland play with the durable wind and water-resistant exterior!
  • The chunky rib-knit collar keeps little necks cozy and warm
  • The 2021's shorter collar design does not fold over.
  • Toastier Exclusive: Chunky cuffs that extend = use longer across seasons!  
  • Harness safely snug on chest & shoulders
  • Quick in & out of the car seat
  • Easy to use zipper and velcro closures
  • Wind & Water Resistant

How To Use:

  • Put the coat on at home
  • Put your little one in the car seat
  • Pull the front panel aside
  • Buckle them up
  • Roll the panel aside or lay it flat over the harness
  • The back of the coat is thinner than the front. The thinner back and the side opening allows parents to use the coat at the same harness setting as if your little one has no coat on at all!


  • 100% polyester woven outer, fleece inner.
  • Crash Tested/Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) Approved
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Approved

Size Chart:

  • 6 Months fits children 13" tall with a sleeve length of 10.5"
  • 12 Months fits children 13.5" tall with a sleeve length of 11"
  • 18 Months fits children 14" tall with a sleeve length of 11.5"
  • 24 Months fits children 15" tall with a sleeve length of 12"
  • 3T fits children 16" tall with a sleeve length of 13"
  • 4T fits children 17" tall with a sleeve length of 14"
  • 5T fits children 18" tall with a sleeve length of 14"
    • Coats run large for longer wear! No "sizing up" and adding bulk to the back

Care Instructions:

  • Machine washable

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Additional Information:

Toasty, Toastier, Toastiest Coat Difference:
  • The coats are all durable water-resistant and designed to be perfect for harsh, snowy Northern States and Canada.
  • Toasty is our original car seat coat design with a lower neckline than the other coats for little ones who don't like how things feel on their neck.
  • Toastier and Toastiest provide more coverage for the neck and head against harsh, whipping winds. Toastier and Toastiest also have extendable sleeves for longer wear across seasons.
  • Toastiest has a fully removable magnetic hood and a thicker warmer sherpa liner as well as Made in US designer flannel in the back.

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