Booties - Silver Snowflake

by Stonz Wear Inc

Booties - Silver Snowflake

by Stonz Wear Inc



Toddler Booties are engineered to keep feet warm and dry in damp, chilly weather.

The wide foot-opening makes them easy to put on and the two elastic toggles form a snug fit that keeps them on.

Soft soles force the child's toes, feet, and ankles to work harder when walking which is crucial in their development of balance.

  • Small: under 6 Months; Medium: 6-18 Months; Large 1- 2.5 Years

  • -The warmest, easiest-fitting Bootie for cold weather activities.

    -Easy to wear

    -Wide opening with loose fit to quickly slip on

    -Adjustable toggles ensure Booties stay on

    -Ultra warm

    -Fleece lining keeps warmth in

    -Water & wind resistant with waterproof soles


    -Friction & impact resistant PLUSfoam soles

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