Beco 8 Baby Carrier - Dark Grey

by Beco Baby Carrier

Beco 8 Baby Carrier - Dark Grey

by Beco Baby Carrier




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Beco 8: The future of babywearing has all the features for your busy lifestyle

  • COMPLETE comfort: The Beco 8 comes with every feature, including an infant insert, hood and headrest. It has pockets, lumbar support, tri-lock buckles on the shoulder straps (safety first, folks!) and dual adjustments to make breastfeeding even easier!

  • Safe and easy to Clean: 100% tested, down the thread, and safe for your baby to ride in, chew up, or spit on. After all that, you can either spot clean or throw it in the wash depending on what kind of day you and your little love had.

  • LOOK AROUND: And around! 360-degrees of options for your baby to face! You can carry them facing in (best for bonding and breastfeeding) or show them the world with an adjustable seat that allows your little one to forward face!

  • 4-in1 functionality: Wear it like a backpack, on your side for hip carry, forward face or go with the classic facing in front carry. The Beco 8 is all about choosing what is best for you and your baby.

  • Durable: The easy-to-clean polyester fabric is chosen for its soft feel and lasting strength. It'll stand up to washings, blowouts and teething toddlers!

  • Infant Insert: With two positions, the integrated infant insert grows with your baby. The first position should be used from 7-10 pounds and the second position from 10- 15 lbs. After that, you can remove it and store it away until the next baby!

  • Options! Crossable shoulder straps can add another level of comfort for the petite mom. This configuration also reduces shoulder strain by distributing weight more like a wrap or sling than a typical soft structured carrier.

  • SUPPORT: Your Beco 8 comes with Lumbar Support! This little addition makes all the difference for some parents.

  • One size! Supportive waist belt fits most adults from 24 to 54 inches.

  • ALL SEASONS: The convertible mesh panel zips off and stores in a special pouch on the waist belt. This allows you to control the temperature and keep your baby cool in the summer.

  • Don't worry! There are two pockets on the waist belt so if you're storing the mesh panel, you can still stash your smartphone!

Item Weight 2.2 pounds

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