Yoomi Feeding System With Double Warmer

by Yoomi

Yoomi Feeding System With Double Warmer

by Yoomi

$62.99 – $65.99

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Does it sometimes seem like your baby is ready to eat anytime?  The Yoomi Feeding System was designed to warm up your hungry baby's milk in just 60 seconds with the push of a button!  This new technological breakthrough means that the Yoomi is perfect for feedings when you're away from home and those nighttime feedings.  No more running to the kitchen in the dark to warm milk!

What's more, the temperature of the milk is perfect every time therefore ensuring essential nutrients are not damaged by overheating.     


  • Warms in 60 seconds
  • Use anytime, anywhere
  • Never overheat the milk again - protects essential nutrients
  • Prevents rapid bacterial growth
  • Unique 6 anti-colic vent system naturally shaped teat for easy latch-on
  • Rechargeable warmer x 300 (approx. 6 months)
  • 100% BPA free

  • 1 x 5oz/8oz Bottle (with slow flow teat)
  • 2 x Warmer
  • 1 x Microwave charging pod (700-1200 watt microwaves)

How to Charge Yoomi Double Bottle Warmer

The Yoomi charger can be recharged in 3 ways:
1. In boiling water
2. In a sterilizer
3. In a microwave

Yoomi Warmer Reset Instructions

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