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PUMP it up!

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!
The purpose of WBW is to EMPOWER parents and enable breastfeeding.
So, August just felt like the perfect moment in time to share a little behind the scenes from the Snuggle Bugz Mama Experience with you.

What is the Mama Experience?

Oh, we are so glad you asked!
At its core, the Mama Experience was a safe space created for ambitious mamas to relax and pump throughout the day—because we really do believe that you really CAN have it all.

Okay, let’s just start at the beginning.

Our goal at Snuggle Bugz has always been to build real connections with families navigating the early stages of parenthood. So, when the founders of The Atelier Business Conference explained their vision for a dedicated space at this year’s conference for ambitious mamas to pump in privacy throughout the day, we were honoured (and excited) to bring the idea to life!

*The Atelier has been the talk of the town over the last few weeks and for obvious reasons.
2019 keynote speakers included the QUEEN of home and design,
Jillian Harris + Stylist and Brand Expert, Jessica Mulroney.
Table setting at The Atelier conference in the Snuggle Bugz Mama Experience

About Our Space

Every corner of the event was carefully curated and straight up beautiful—and the Mama Experience followed suit! Together we dreamed up the ultimate oasis for those new mamas in attendance.
Our cozy space was equipped with little luxuries from some of our favourite brands like Medela, the OVer company, Matter Company and many more!

We brought in soothing music, lactation cookies, wipes, a milk storage solution, swag bags, and breast pads.
LOTS and LOTS of Medela breast pads.

We also decked out the space with some gorgeous modern rocking chairs from Monte Designs that made pumping at a business conference an absolute breeze. 

Rocking loungers from Monte Designs in Blush with Rose Gold & Walnut accents
Jackie Rocker in Blush with Rose Gold Copper + Walnut base
Jackson Rocker in Pebble Grey with a Chrome + Walnut base


Being relaxed is essential for the release of the hormone oxytocin, which stimulates your let-down reflex—and our serene space was able to deliver just that.

But it wasn’t just about pumping.

The whole goal of the conference was to inspire ALL women, so we enlisted the help of our friends from GoodNight Sleep Site to join us at the booth.  Jamie graciously spent the afternoon in our booth answering sleep related questions throughout the day.

It was a a true example of women supporting women because we REALLY are all in this this motherhood thing together, right?
[AND we all really do function a whole lot better when we are well rested!]

Women Supporting Women

For us, the cherry on top of the conference experience was when our Snuggle Bugz co-founder, Tanya Burmaster, shared HER experiences as business focused workin' mama.  If you haven’t heard her story --Tanya was often known to work the floor with her youngest baby strapped to her in a carrier back in the early SB days! 

You can read Tanya’s her full "How I Got Here" interview with The Atelier HERE.

Tanya Burmaster giving speech at The Atelier conference.
Watching other women doing an incredible job with their business, growing, and constantly striving to learn more is the ultimate inspiration. Seeing other women in business push their boundaries and build not only themselves, but others around them, has inspired me to pursue my own passions.
Tanya Burmaster
A sold-out conference meant that the Mama Experience was P-A-C-K-E-D and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.  At one point our fridge was OVERFLOWING with pump and save bags full of breast milk. 

Being a mama shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dreams and investing in yourself, so it was important for all of us involved to create a haven for breastfeeding moms.
Thanks for having us! 

Flower box display at The Atelier x Snuggle Bugz Mama Experience
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