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Oh, Baby!

From poppyseed at week #4 to watermelon at week #40 --we know that your pregnancy and baby registry are just the beginning of your journey to parenthood. 

There are so many exciting “firsts” that await (first smile, first tooth, first steps) paired with a ton of challenges, sleepless nights, and self-doubt. Just remember, you aren’t the first parent to be facing this emotional roller coaster and you definitely aren’t alone.

Our Snuggle Bugz team is committed to journeying with you in-store and online every step of the way!


We’ve dreamt up the ultimate new parent resource –a practical tool that will help you navigate the early stages of parenthood. Introducing our NEW Snuggle Bugz Learning Centre, an electronic resource that will grow with your family no matter what age, stage, phase, or leap you are facing.

Our founders were the first in their friends’ group to have children. You, too?
Their desire to build real connections with families navigating the early stages of parenthood was the inspiration behind our Snuggle Bugz stores and our NEW Learning Centre is an extension of that vision.

What's it all about?

Will this stroller meet your needs and compliment your lifestyle?
Check out one of our product reviews.

Teething baby?
We’ve got tips!

Baby proofing your home?
Let us help you do that in style.

Now a wealth of information and support is just a click away from product reviews, expert interviews, gift guides and more.
We’ve broken the content down into four unique categories that speak to what you might be experiencing-- PregnancyNewborn, Baby, and Toddler.

We trust you will find value and camaraderie as you explore the pages of content just waiting for you on our Learning Centre.
We’ve gone ahead and handpicked a few great articles to get you acquainted with this valuable tool so read on, mama!

Welcome to the NEW Snuggle Bugz Learning Centre, we are so glad you are here.
And in case you haven’t heard it yet today—you are doing a great job!





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