Nuna Leaf vs. Leaf Grow | Product Comparison


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Moms and Dads,
Children of all ages,

In this corner we have the Nuna Leaf in Twilight weighing in at 10.5 pounds.
And in this corner, we have the Nuna Leaf Grow in Oxford weighing in at 15.2 pounds.

Currently building your Baby Registry?
You've come to the right place.

Today we are breaking down the similarities and differences between the Nuna Leaf and the Nuna Leaf Grow.
Excuse the boxing reference, but it seemed appropriate since today we are breaking down [baby] swings!

Nuna currently has x3 swings on the market.

The Leaf
The Leaf Curv
The Leaf Grow

So, what sets these seats apart?


Nuna has created a swing that is multipurpose and can truly grow with your child.
The Leaf and the Leaf Grow can be used from newborn to 130 pounds!
Simply remove the infant insert and VOILA a chair for your toddler.


Currently, all Leaf swings on the market are battery free.
They have an ultra-smooth, quiet, and energy smart side-to-side gliding motion.
No batteries. No motor. No electricity needed.

But how?
The motion of the Leaf lasts unassisted with a gentle push for over 2 minutes.
Literally, like a leaf floating in the breeze.


by Nuna


by Nuna


by Nuna


by Nuna



The Leaf Grow has a curved base that provides a chic and contemporary design. It also has a 3-position recline which will prove valuable as your child begins to grow. With the touch of a button baby can sit a back in a reclined position or you can adjust the chair so that they can sit up higher and say hello to the world.

Since both swings have a 130-pound weight limit—the 3-position recline on the Leaf Grow is a great feature to allow for optimal extended use.

Your toddler will enjoy curling up in their very own chair with their favorite picture book, and you will enjoy that the contemporary design will match your décor.

We've looked.
The alternative in children's chair selection is generally fuzzy, brightly coloured, and character laden [you know the ones] and Paw Patrol doesn't necessarily scream serene-- sorry Marshall. 

The Leaf, unlike the Leaf Grow, allows you to add on the WIND accessory [sold separately.] The Wind is an attachment that allows the swing to sway continuously by creating a soft, steady “breeze.” It connects through a one-touch sensor panel equipped with 6 different speed settings through a mini USB cord that plugs into your wall.

Contemporary design.
High tech functionality.

Love it!


If you like the idea of the hands-free continuous motion than the Leaf with the Wind attachment may be the choice for you. If style and function are important to you than you may prefer the look and functionality of the Leaf Grow in Oxford. It boasts Italian inspired herringbone patterns intertwined with tweed and allows you to recline your babe up and down.

When it comes to cost for both swings, admittedly it’s kind of a “draw”.

LEAF $299 + $139 for the WIND attachment= $438
LEAF GROW = $419

Now we will leave it to you and your partner to "duke it out" to decide which swing will make it on to your baby registry.

Happy shopping [and swinging!]

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