Nanit Smart Baby Monitor Review

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor mounted on wall in nursery with mom holding baby

Benefits of the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

Part baby monitor, part baby translator, part sleep guru- introducing the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor. Nanit is the only video baby monitor that puts baby's sleep development in the palm of your hands with automatic sleep tracking and personalized sleep tips to help your baby - and the whole family - catch more ZZZs.

Best view of baby day and night

24/7 HD live streaming with unparalleled night vision and zoom to get in close. Background audio lets you hear baby, even when your phone's screen is off.

Soft glow nightlight

Find pacifiers and lovies in a snap without waking baby with our gradual dimming, ceiling-directed nightlight.

Safe and secure

Nanit's cable management system keeps cords away from curious fingers. Your data is safe too, with AES 256-bit symmetric-key encryption.

Smart sensors

Real-time motion and sound notifications keep you in the know, and temperature and humidity sensors let you oversee room conditions.

Unmatched reliability

Unlike other "smart" cameras, Nanit keeps streaming over Wi-Fi, even when your Internet connection goes down.


Snuggle Bugz chatted with Nanit to learn all about the amazing features of this smart baby monitor:

We love the Nanit, but don't take our word for it, it's also parent approved:
"Any mom knows that when it comes to their babies and sleep, the struggle can be very real. My 2 year old daughter is no exception and sometimes us parents can use a little help in the sleep department.This is why I absolutely love my Nanit! It really is so much more than a baby monitor!

From the personalized sleep tracker- to track how long she sleeps for, to the highlight reel of different activities that happened throughout the night, it helps me to better understand my toddlers sleep trends and how I can help improve my daughter’s sleep. She definitely likes to get out of her bed once I’ve put her to sleep. Nanit records all of this information and the data is processed into personalized sleep coaching that helps me to understand the best approach to helping her (and I) a good night sleep.The video quality is beautiful so day or night I can check up on her through the easy to use app on my phone at home or when I’m out. The Nanit is so easy to use and if you’re in need of a monitor I definitely recommend you check it out!" - Sarah

* Sarah is a loving mother of 2 littles, Luca and Avery, living in Ontario. Her passions include fashion, makeup, blogging, baking and taking on new adventures with her crew! Follow her journey at @sarrahashleyy

Nanit has been chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 50 Best Inventions of 2018! Read the full article here.
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